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A. Hang power clean; 7 tough triples; rest 90 sec (to comfort)
155 – not tough but not super easy. Went where I could catch them all high and zero widening of the feet

B. Push jerk clusters 2.2.2×3; rest 20 sec/rest 2 min
135 145 155 – felt fine. Can go up next time.

C. Hang power snatch; 15 reps unbroken x5; rest 90 seconds (pick a
load you can turnover well and explosively)
65# – got my breath up a little bit but mostly my shoulders were tired.

20 min amrap:
20 unloaded walking lunges
200m farmers walk 2 pood/hand
20 DB push press 20#
20 calories row

3 Rounds + all the push presses. Felt good to go at a grinding pace on this. Not super hard but high aerobic. Used 55# KBs for the walk. I didn’t see the 2pood til just now. Whoops. I still had to stop 3 times per carry and it was challenging for the shoulders from the get go and the grip at the end. I think 70# would’ve been a bit much actually.

8 today. Shoulders and grip a bit fatigued now. Actually I was tired after this and went home and napped. Look at me being all recovery mode 😉



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A. Squat positional work with barbell

Complex of: 1FS+2HSqCln+2FS – rest 2min btw
Built by 10# every round from 65-125 so 7 sets total
B. Cyclist squats @3030 – 5 reps unbroken x7; rest 30 seconds (very
low loads constant TUT)
85# – I mean just ouch my quads. These may have been @4130.

C1. Strict muscle ups; amrap unborken x3; rest 30 sec
3 3 3
C2. Muscle ups; amrap (-1) unbroken x3; rest 4 min
4(screwed up) 6 6

C3. 12 low hanging ring hamstring bridges x4 during my 4min rest

D. Strict hspu @51×1; 1-4 x5; rest 2 min
4.5 all
E. Banded hspu; 15 sets of 2 – rest as needed
airdyne 5 min @high aerobic pace (~10 min pace from re-testing)
rest 2 min
59cal per round. Little under my 10min pace. HR was 165 168 & 171 after each round. After last round 159 after 1min and 115 after 3min. Felt about 85-90%. Just within the discomfort range but not hating life.

9 today :-) like ice T said it was a good day. The volume today also felt about right. Whatever that says.