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Did some team work prepping for Crush Gamss this morning then:


1) 5×3 Snatch from the power position

up to 135

2) 5x 1 Clean (power position) + 3 Jerks

Just up to 165 today working position.


Worked 5 of each barbell movement from the upcoming weekend with 10 wall balls in between.


Definitely tired today. Not a ton of sleep the last couple days and just feeling it. Getting some body work today, so yay!

MFS: 5/7/3


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Ode to my car!

First of all Harvey and I are just fine. No injuries, so yay! We were driving on I-75 south through stop and go Atlanta traffic in the rain. The cars a few up rear ended one another, everyone threw on the brakes as did I, but not in time. I slid right into the van in front of me. I had my car for 8 years and 133K miles. Loved that thing, and was going to keep it another year or 2, but it wasn’t to be. I’ve never felt an attachment to a car before but I sat in it at the junk yard after I’d taken all my stuff out. I said, “goodbye car, I’m sorry I hurt you”, and couldn’t help crying. That silly? I’m glad it protected Harvey and I. Now I have to decide what to get? Took these 2 days off training, which was probably not a bad thing. Tuesday was a long day, driving, crashing, renting a car and continuing to drive!