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Thank you for visiting my blog!  My name is Talayna and I am a Physical Therapist with a Crossfit problem.  I have led previous lives as a collegiate gymnast and heptathlete, before finding my current passion/obsession at Real Fitness of Naples.  This site details my journey through various workouts in preparation for the Crossfit Games.


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Airdyne 30 seconds @85%
airydne 30 seconsd @50%
(slow spin 5 min bw sets 10-11, 20-21)
30 min mobility work

7 – little tired. Nothing crazy though.



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A. TnG deadlift; 5 reps on the min for 12 min (high speed/moderate
load, you can build heavier in the last couple sets)

155×2 165×8 175×1 185×1

B1. Single arm HS hold; amsap x4; rest as needed bw sides

0:45 per side the first 3. 1:00 the last round. Seems like my right shoulder may be stronger but the elbow is less stable (not crazily so just noticeable to me). Could be due to breaking it at 13 and spraining it at 32? Nahhhhhh

B2. Front rack step ups 45# bar 10/10×4

C. Hanging strict L to V’s; 10 reps x6; rest as needed bw sets

D. Strict weighted CTB pull ups; 2-3×6; rest 2 min

Found that I could only do 10lbs for strict c2b without adding a big knee lift second kip.

C&D2 (did these between both)
Box squat with the 45# bar 8reps @2111 like 10-12 sets. Lost count. Zero pain with these. Having to concentrate to keep the right leg as engaged as the left.

8 min amrap:
8 CTB pull ups
8 burpees
8 KBS 2 pood

5+8 burpees
My watch beeped at 4min. and I was walking back to start set 4. Slowed a little on the second 4 min. but not too bad. I could tell my pull was fatigued from all the hang power cleans and 5k row the other day but it was still doable.

6 – little tired today from 6 hours of sleep