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Happy Birthday to my long lost twin Carla today! For some reason we always end up flexing in pictures together!

Slept close to 9 hours. Felt good today :)

A. 5 legless rope climbs for time
2:04 – no legs on the descent either

B. Strict CTB pull ups; 50 for time (no singles)
7:15 – ok so no singles BUT a ton of doubles after about 20.

For Time:
30cal Assault Bike (1:45)
50 TTB
3:43 – not too too lactic. Was able to get off of the bike and hit 15 TTB first set. I can actually catch my breath a little on those and pull-ups. Jumping is a different story!

C. Hollow positional work/drills (self directed)
4 Rounds
15 Reverse Hypers
25 Hollow Rocks


10 rounds for time:
7 burpees
row 400m
7 burpees
rest 1 min bw sets (record time per set)
2:37 2:38 2:39 2:36 2:36 2:35 2:34 2:33 2:33 2:31 – HR was about 170 after the last round.

About a 7 today. Felt really good starting out and then a bit tired by the rowing.



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C. Banded hspu; 15 sets of 2 – rest as needed (report in how these/D’s
feel without the MU’s prior)

These felt the same as they always do. Not super easy and not really any better than a few months ago either.

5 muscle ups AFAP
airdyne 2 min @hard aerobic pace
10 strict hspu
5 muscle ups AFAP
rest 3 min

4:08 4:08 3:59 4:01All sets of MU UB and HSPUs were 1-2 sets of doubles then all singles. They were at least faster moving singles than last week though. 24-25cals in the assault bike at 260-300watts. Feeling about a 7 today but these still felt good.