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Took a nice little rest day today. We started a new Ninja camp as well. One of my favorite things about the experience is the daily yin yoga at the end of each day to balance out all of the yang in our lives. Here I am trying to be all Zen while I’m trying to not focus on the fact that my plantar fascia feel like they’re about to rip open! It helps so much with foot issues though. I have all my feet patients do this stretch by the way…


Also here’s a little teaser from my photo shoot the other day…



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Had a little photo shoot today. Tried to take a prepping selfie whilst I was getting my hair did and it just turned out, well… Awkward! LoL



***Changed this a bit….

40:00 AMRAP with HR @ or below 145 BPM:

Run 600m
10 Burpee broad jumps
50 KB Snatches (alternating as needed) @ 16kg

Got 4 Rounds + another 800m run
HR avg was 147 including the beginning minutes. It’s hard to keep it that low but running was the easiest part to do it on today.




7X1 Paused Clean First Pull + 1 Paused Clean (3 count pauses at knee) + 1 Jerk – work to about 80-85% and concentrate on staying rock solid over the bar

70 72.5 72.5 75 75 77.5 77.5


1a) 5X3 Strict Press + 5 Push Press – work to a near max
45 47.5 50 52.5 55Kg
1b) 4X45 sec. Weighted Plank Holds – heaviest possible, rest 90 sec.
Used 25kg

5 rounds of:

50′ HS Walk
10 Bar Facing Burpees
50′ OH Walking Lunge @ 75#

Rest 1:1

*ALL OUT every round.

These were pretty all out but my transitions kept getting better and maybe Burpees faster. Had to turn around twice every round cause the gym was like 18ft long! Hardest part of this for me was my legs on the lunges. I could’ve lunged faster but they were burning. Gawsh I love overhead stuff! Burpees are finally getting easier again too. Let’s keep doing them cause I’m almost not bad at them 😛

2:04 2:00 1:56 1:53 1:48
MFS: 3/3/4 – back a little aggravated by the end. Don’t know if it was the running or the pause holds at the knee. Just feels tight very deep. I’m going to get it needled when I get back.