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I think I’m accident prone but I definitely got my thumb good yesterday!

A. Squat positional work with barbell/jumping work

Wasn’t sure what to do and hard to pick things up today so I skipped it.

B. Back squat; build to a tough single with perfect form (film)

Up to 205 and stopped. sad thinking a year ago I could do 5 at 225, but that was using and bounce and this without. Still only one place to go from here.

C. 3 position pause Clean deadlifts (1 sec @mid shin, knee, mid
thigh); 5×5; rest 3 min (lower on a 4 count for each rep…tempo
constraints should likely force you to use lower weight)

135 135 then switched to a women’s bar cause the grip was the hardest part not using my thumbs today. 145 the rest.
1k row time trial
rest exactly 5 min
x3 (do not pace them for best average scores, pace the first to PR and
then your best on the subsequent two. Record HR data for the 1k’s as
well as the rest intervals. beginning, average, peak, ending)

First row I felt my forearms but was able to keep under under 1:50 the whole way. Second row my legs started blowing up. Started around 1:50 and was ending around 2:00. Last round the aerobic finally got as bad as the burning and I tried to stay steadier under 1:55 the whole way which worked better than #2’s pacing.

Row 1 2 3
Time 3:38.2 3:51.9 3:49.2
Beg 110 119 120
Avg ????
Peak ????
End 170 170 174
1min. 155 153 154
2min. 136 137 130


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Just gymnastics protocols for the day today


Banged my thumb up in about the 7th set of HSPUs when my belt came unfastened that was holding the 10# weight on and the weight landed right on my thumb. I was still able to finish out today. That one brought a couple tears to my eyes though.

airdyne 60 seconds @moderate aerobic effort
slow spin 10 seconds
(Seems to be getting easier)