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So looking forward to this experience this summer!!


HRV was yellow today. 101. I felt groggy too.

A. Rack strict press lockouts (2″ above head press to lockout, reset
each rep from a full pause); 5×5; rest 2 min (increase load from last

Did 125 again. All I could do. Last week they were tough because the rack I had wasn’t a safety rack so I got a little burned out lowering the bar. This week it was hard cause the highest the safety bars at my gym go is with the bar just below my hairline. Or maybe I’m a wuss.

B. Seated Z press; 8-10×4; rest 90 seconds

95 for 2, 85 for 2

10 min row
10 min assault
10 min continuous light sled drag
10 min row
all @z1/z1 easy aerobic pace

This turned to a 34min piece with 2-2K rows and the rest sled pushing. I was assault biked out after the weekend :P kept my HR around 147 on the sled and 150-157 on the row.


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A. Squat positional work with barbell

B. Barbell reverse lunges @3111; 6 reps/leg x5; rest 1 min bw legs

Used 77#. These were much harder on my left leg. Really paying attention to why and the left hip has just never felt strong in the bottom of a lunge which makes me shift weight to the R leg when it’s behind.

C. Cyclist squats @3030 – 5 reps unbroken x5; rest 30 seconds (very
low loads constant TUT)
Also 77#. These def burned at the end. Like a good burn. Way more isolated to my mid quads than any other exercise we do. I like it.


I’ve decided when I get to heaven I will have ankle mobility allowing me to squat like this! And perhaps shorter femurs as well!

15 unbroken hang power snatch 55#
airdyne 90 seconds @hard aerobic pace
rest 30 seconds
15 unbroken hang power clean 85#
airdyne 90 seconds @high aerobic pace

These all felt good. I concentrated on using my toes and ankles equally through the lifts and keeping good midline more than going fast. Watts on Assault bike were 240-300. Sam’s watts were 350-400. HA. That’s def where she has me right now. Engine. Well me and everyone else.

Accessory work:
15 banded hamstring curls
10-12 TRX type hamstring bridges

15 Reverse Hypers
30-40sec. Hollow hold

1 TGU + 3 walking lunges + 1 TGD(own) alternating arms
Used 55# and 70# on my very last set. These were fun :)
9 – felt on all cylinders today and body felt way better too.

Heres a sped up clip of Sam and I’s TGUs and lunges