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Thank you for visiting my blog!  My name is Talayna and I am a Physical Therapist with a Crossfit problem.  I have led previous lives as a collegiate gymnast and heptathlete, before finding my current passion/obsession at Real Fitness of Naples.  This site details my journey through various workouts in preparation for the Crossfit Games.


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Today was swimming…

6 rounds of 5min. as far as possible swim with a buoy between my legs for flotation. Rest 2-5min. between.

The rest ended up being more like a minute because I was running late to work and I made it 250m each time.  There was an older gentlemen in the pool swimming laps too.  For once I was the fastest person in the pool!


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A. Strict press with chains (or KB’s tied to bands, get the bar
overhead in perfect position and pause for 3 seconds on each rep);
5×5; rest 90 seconds

34# chains per side + the bar so about 90# at the bottom and 113# at the top.

B. 45 degree external rotated support hold on paralletes on boxes –
practice 3 min

I can do these for a minute at a time. Didn’t really feel hard during but I could probably feel my triceps the most afterwards.

C. FLR on rings in external rotation circles (small forward and
backward circles for 6 reps in both directions while maintaiing the
ext rotation – ensure hollow body position as well) – circile complex
x6; rest as needed bw attempts

Again not too hard. Feel these in the front of my elbow the most. (Brachialis and brachioradialis)

D. Tucked planche hold – tech work 10 min

Tried the planche and got like 2sec. max

Sooo… Did the professional frog stand things like 5x30sec.


After ART and yoga my hip was still a little tweaky :/ so skipped the PM formerly known as AM session with lots of squatting. I wanted to clean 215 today too. Dammit. The tweak was pretty insignificant to where if it hadn’t happened before and gotten so bad I would’ve pressed on but knowing what happened anything that feels like the previous strain I just shut it down.

8 on energy today. Not that I needed it for much.