A. Wide grip behind the neck pull ups; accumulate 30 perfect reps

Sets of 6, 5 and 4 at the end. Not too hard.

B. Negative bar muscle ups; accumulate 20 SLOW controlled reps (try to stay vertical through the bar dip instead of leaning over)

I did my best on the vertical torso part but it seemed like from my sports
bra line to my clavicle was just a fall every time. Couldn’t really control
that portion.

C. Muscle ups; 4 on the min for 10 min (if you fail, take a 2 min rest and jump back in where you left off) – get into a support position at the top of each dip with a 1 second pause in ext rotation instead of cycling them faster

5 + 6F on 4th + 2min. rest + 2 + 1F on 4th + 1min. rest + 1
Did these on rings with long straps attached to chains which makes them harder than normal as does the 1sec. hold. Also don’t think I’m very proficient at external rotation in a support hold.

Run 800m @moderate, but sustainable pace
rest 1:1
x4 sets

3:39 3:28 3:34 3:28 – just jumped into the first one. The pace felt like
what should be moderate for me but the effort on the second half each time
did not feel moderate. So I guess I ran a moderate 400m pace instead.
Looking forward to keeping up my running all year this year. Ankle surgery kept me from doing it most of the fall last year.

3 – Felt good this am. Nothing really sore. Got my ankle adjusted this am. Wish I could do that one to myself! Felt hamstrings minimally on the runs.

Moved all day. Maybe I can categorize that as strongmanish work, especially
going up stairs.


Bandz a Make Her…

A. Banded deadlifts (keep them light with light band tension); 3 reps on the
45 seconds for 10 sets (as fast as possible through both ranges of motion,
but reset on the floor of each rep)

I used a red band and 155 on the bar. Here are some views.

B. Reverse hypers; 12-15×4; rest 2 min.


C. 4 sets: Shoulder bridge single leg curl @41×1; 6-12

Did 6 reps each. It was much harder on my right side because of hamstring tendinitis.

D. Banded strict hspu; 18 sets of 3 – rest as needed bw sets to full
recovery to ensure speed

Well these took a while :P gotta be honest I mixed in B and C because I got bored.

E. Planche support swings; 10 reps x4; rest 1 min (try to ‘pause’ at the top
of each swing)

These are pretty easy in sets of 10 for me. I’ve done these with dips and
they’re much harder. I can still feel my shoulders and triceps working but
could’ve done 15.

Row sprint 30 seconds @100% effort
rest 3 min
x6 sets


Fun and too short to “really” hurt. Slowed maybe the last 5sec.

Felt really good today. Legs not sore from yesterday surprisingly. Only
thing bothering me is this dern ankle. Needs adjusted and I just can’t pull
on it myself.


Fire in the glutes! Sled drags from today.

A. Squat clean; 3 tng reps on the min for 10 min @65% 1rm

Went light today. (125) Haven’t taken pre-workout in a few weeks and I think 2 scoops was a bit much cause my HR was going crazy on these.

B1. Hawaiian squats; 6 reps/side x5; rest 30 seconds

Fun new movement. I can tell I have greater ankle mobility in my right because they’re easier.


B2. Front squat @3030 ensuring tracking; 6-8×5; rest 2:30

Def. not heavy on these. Trying my best achieve the position on the right and not the left.


C. Barbell glute bridges @21×3; 8-10×4; rest 2 min.

5 sets: slow heavy sled drags (arms between legs in slight hip flexion) 45-60 seconds grinding continuous work
rest 3 min.
Put 135 on the sled and drug it on the rubber.

Feels good to be using my legs again and making them work hard!



Worked up to a heavy single snatch today with no expectations except that I wanted a cool action shot emulating pukie the clown at Thunder Valley CrossFit. I think I accomplished that and surprised myself by getting up to 175.

My heavy C&J however was way further off PR. I’m still fast and powerful, but can definitely feel the loss of strength in my legs. Time to start getting it back!

Tomorrow I get to compete in the quarterfinals for the NPGL so kept the conditioning aerobic and lower overall volume:

Row 2k
25 Burpees
25 OH Walking Lunge 45#
25 Wall Balls 14#
25 Burpees
25 OH Walking Lunge 45#
25 Wall Balls 14#
25 Burpees
Row 2k

Took just under 30min.

MFS: 2/2/2

If you want to see the Surge match tomorrow go to http://www.npgl.com at 5pm EST. The next time they air will be on NBC so there won’t be any archived footage available for quite a while!



Today was a rather in-active rest day. Except for this air squat on a fence post in the middle of Cade’s Cove scenic drive.

Mom and I

Anna with my nephew Ryan

To top off a perfect recovery day, my favorite cheat…



Starting them young. This is my nephew. He’s 16 months old and has beautiful depth!

Worked on some NPGL stuff today for Tueaday’s upcoming match. Coach put me in!

Backward rolls. Sets of 3 and 4. Got up to 5 consecutive.

3 Hang Power Cleans
150 155 160 165 170 resting 1:00

4 sets
5 – 3sec pause snatch 1st pulls @155
5 bench press @145

3 sets
6 MU + 12 HSPU
Rest 2:00

3 sets
2 DB Burpee Clusters (35lbs) + 40 DUs + 2 Rope Climbs + 8 Power Cleans @125
Rest 3:00

MFS: 2/3/2 – overall feeling good today.

Road tripping with the fam and Maggie the beagle.




It was drizzling today when I started and pouring on my last run. Kind of fun actually… Sorta kinda.

Run 1mile
400m sled push
Run 1mile
400m sled push
Run 1mile
All at an aerobic pace


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