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This was an AM.
A. TTB x7/Pull up x5/CTB x3/Bar muscle up x1 – accumulate 8 complexes
not for time

At 7 I could tell my hands were about to tear so I stopped. Here’s one set:

B. Muscle ups; 15 for time x3; rest 4 min
2:40 (6/3/2/4)
2:25 (4/4/4/3)
3:12 (4/4/2/2/1+F/1/1)
Yeah these weren’t so great this morning.
My excuse is the 80+ ring dips from Monday and the rings at Redline are 19′ high. Haven’t been on them in a couple months and damn they make it harder. Everything has to slow down. I’m going to try to do MU on these more often because when I do them on ours afterward they’re easy.

airdyne 10 min
Row 10 min
@low heart rate

Did light airdyne and ran 5-200m’s in between. Running before was like a 7-8/10 and today more like a 4/10. Actually felt the hamstring a little again towards the end more than the ankle. Here’s a slow mo of my technique.



7 today. Upper body is pretty darn sore but legs are good to go!!


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I think I’m ready to head up to the Regionals now with all this swag! Thank you to my sponsors Kill Cliff for all of the awesome shirts and Reebok for my shoes. Also thank you to cave man coffee for keeping my caffeine quota full and Relentless jeans for eliminating¬†the pain of jeans shopping from my life!!!image


A. Squat positional work with barbell/jumping work
Did 5 goblet squats with every KB we have.

B1. 1 1/14 back squats; 10 reps x3; rest 30 sec
Tried to start at 75# and by the time I was getting to the end of the set I was having to pause at the top. Went down to 55#. Seems so little but for practically 20 squats at about a tempo pace it hurts.

B2. Hip belt squats; 12 reps x3; rest 30 sec
B3. Reverse hypers; 15 reps x3; rest 3 min
C. Platform elevated reverse lunges @3111; 6-8×5/side; rest 1 min bw sides
75# first 3, 85# last 2
D. Face down laying band hamstring curls; 30 reps x3; rest 2 min
airdyne 10 min for max cals
Didn’t have time for this. By the time I got done with D. it was like 8:40pm and the gym closes at 8.

6 – body felt ok today but my legs were still fatigued from squatting 2 days ago. Sometime during the lunges they felt stronger again. Strange. I was also just tired after work today.