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Did my own workout and then had a really good final gym session at Ninja camp with everyone today focusing on being present in your workouts and the importance of mind body connection through focus. The quote I like to use is “how you do anything is how you do everything”… More to come in a blog post on this!

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5 rounds of-

3:00 Row for Cals (with HR @ 140-145)
1:00 6″ Target Burpees (with HR @ 140-145)
3:00 Ride the Bike (with HR @ 140-145)
1:00 6” Target Burpees (max effort)

Rest until HR drops under 120 after each round. Note how long this takes each time.
Round 1: 18Burpees/162bpm/1:30 til <120
Round 2: 19/164/1:52
Round 3: 20/167/1:50
Round 4: 21/168/2:15
Round 5: 22/170/2:00

Didn’t warm up just started so my legs were really lactic on the first round or 2. Then got better. HR went up on burpees a lot and then was hard to get it back down spinning. Will have to do more airdyne/spinning at home again. Avg HR was 144 including the slow to 120.

Onto more work…

Used the rower seat to do
Single leg hamstring curl eccentrics
And ab roll outs
3×8 each


5 Sets
5 strict pull-ups + 3 bar MUs + 5 around the world’s

4 sets
15 V-ups + 20 Hollow Rocks + 15 Reverse Hypers (subbed extensions laying on a box with a slow eccentric)

5×3 Ring Forward Rolls

MFS: 5to2(got happier after the aerobic session)/3/4 – still just the back sore

For the group workout we did my typical warm-up focusing on injury prevention stability exercises and then extra work on shoulder stability today.

There were 3 WODs each concentrating on a different intention. The first 2 were technique and then strength focus so we didn’t set a clock. The third was intensity, so I had them choose a weight they could do 12-9-6 of thrusters UB at, combined it with burpees, and told them if they weren’t on the ground at the end they didn’t go hard enough! I think they got the picture…




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Today I did a beach workout with the Nonja crew this morning and then spent the afternoon doing one on one sessions with each Ninja working on either skills, mobility, or rehabbing an injury. Funny it doesn’t feel like work doing physical therapy and teaching this crew!

Pics from the beach…

beach2_5 beach2_6 beach2_7 beach2_9