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Thank you for visiting my blog!  My name is Talayna and I am a Physical Therapist with a Crossfit problem.  I have led previous lives as a collegiate gymnast and heptathlete, before finding my current passion/obsession at Real Fitness of Naples.  This site details my journey through various workouts in preparation for the Crossfit Games.


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Gotta love Pooh :P


A. Squat clean; build to a max for the day (technical failure)

125 and kept going up by 10s to 205 then 210. Felt about as good as it ever has. I think the practice catching tighter and higher is helping. I’m also up a couple pounds so maybe it’s all in my legs. So this lift has been climbing 5# per week for the past 4 weeks. I keep it up another 2 weeks I’ll PR for the first time in 2 years! Gonna happen



B. Cyclist front squats (elevated heels, feel straight ahead and a
couple inches apart) @31×1; 8-10×4; rest 2 min

125 – started feeling these slightly in the lateral quad attachment again. Rolled out between sets and as long as I concentrate and keep the loads lighter and slow like this it’s ok.

C1. Front squat @6161; 4-5×5; rest 10 seconds
115 – definitely easier and more able to maintain position on the way up better than last time.
C2. Seated box jump clusters×5; step down/rest 3 min
30″ box. I probably couldn’ve gone higher but the first one was always a little scary. Next time I’ll do 33″. Like these though.

Prowler sprints; 20 seconds @100% effort (heavy and continuous grinding pace)
rest 3 min

Used 75# prowler plus 280#. About all I could do without my feet sliding on the pavement. I’m good at the slow grind stuff (4th on the second sled push at the games) the sprinting is where I lack a little.

Prowler sprints; 20 seconds @100% effort (light and really fast
turnover pace)
rest 3 min
Able to sprint like this just fine. Prowler + 50#. Made it about 50m in 20sec.




Great energy today :-) 8, and it’s fall here which just feels amazing outside.  Mid 70s in the AM.  This is the time of year I LOVE FL.  Except all the snow birds clogging the roads.  Oh well, tradeoffs!


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About accurate at times…

A. Push press; build to a 5rm

155 – not a strong morning at all

B. Strict ring dips; amrap (-1) unbroken 10; rest 1 min bw sets – -1
indicates don’t go to true failure and stop 1 shy

16 7 7 8 7 7 7 7 7 8 – not sure if it was mental I kept capping out at the same number or what.

C. Freestanding hs hold tech work 15 min

Worked these on parallettes. A few rounds of just holds then held about 10-15sec. and straddle L press down for 7-8.

Hey I gotta be good at something


D. Straddle L sit hold; accumulate 4 min for time (bent knee if needed)

I ended up doing them with both hands on one parallette and not straddled. When I straddle my legs brace against my arms and it’s just too easy.

E. Advanced frog stand hold; accumulate 2 min (if you can’t perform
properly, then just practice for 10-15 min)

These don’t seem to do a whole lot. I mean my wrist and forearms are tired, but not a lot else.

5 – Not a stellar morning. Just tired and 10% off strength. Mornings are hit or miss for me strength wise. Dunno why. R Hamstring a little tight from running.