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“*Use Plyo’s/Agility as a warm up for Weightlifting Segment

Speed Ladder (Alternate-Feet);
A1) In-In-Out-Out; x2, rest 0:15
A2) Ali Shuffle; x1/direction, rest 0:45
x2-4 sets A1-A2
*Priority is accuracy. Only move as fast as you can keep your feet moving in the proper pattern

B) Box Jump + Depth Drop; 4×3, rest 1:00
*If the equipment is available, set 4 boxes up in line.


“A) High Hang Snatch + Above Knee Power Snatch; 2×2+1@60%, 2+1@70%, 1+1@75%, 3×1+1@80% of SN

B) Clean Pull + Clean, Blocks Above Knee; 3×2+1@60%, 2+1@70%, 2+1@75%, 1+1@80%, 2×1+1@85%”

Up to 125 on the snatches. Catching the power snatch was starting to bother my back. Nothing bad I can just feel it.

Up to 155 on the cleans. My legs feel stronger tho at least.


“A) 5 sets of 5 – Bottom 1/2 SDHSPU bro reps on 25lb plates

B) 6 sets of 3 – Weighted (15lb vest) MU’s

C) 4 sets of 5 – Top 1/2 HSPU bro reps on parallettes. These are meant to be explosive and help you finish KDHSPU’s on parallettes.

D) 5 sets of 5 – V-pull ups ”

Bro reps feel funny but weren’t hard. The muscle ups were harder. I used a 10# vest because that’s what I had. It’s too wide tho on the shoulders but I have a beautiful new HyperFit one coming in the mail by the time I get back from italy!



400m SLOW/Grindy Revese Sled Drag + 3 full sets of 20 Calorie Air Bike + 2x 10 Strict Pull Ups 10 Strict Dips + 20 Calorie Air Bike Equal Rest + 400m SLOW/Grindy Revese Sled Drag

Good thing I like sled drags! The assault bike however not as much. My legs just feel fatigued on it the last few times. Times were 5:47-6:03. Down to doubles and singles in the strict movements by the end.


“A) SA DB Sotts Press + SA OH Squat; 3-4x 5+5/side, rest 1:00

B) SL (L) Hip Extension + SL (R) Hip Extension + Hip Extension; 3-4x 5+5+5, rest 1:00

Couldn’t do the hip extension on the left leg before without pain. Today I could and could’ve added 5lbs even. That’s progress. I also really like these sotts presses but they reveal my left ankle immobility pretty bad. Used 20#