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Took a rest day because my cold came back but here’s my feelings about the Super Bowl



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1a) 5X2 Snatches from blocks – work to something manageably heavy but don’t push

1b) 5X3 Cleans from blocks + 1 Push Jerk – same deal as yesterday, a little challenging, but not “heavy”
Did these alternating. Went up to 125 for the last 2 sets on both.

2) 7 rounds of:

3 Muscle-Ups
7 Thrusters @ 75#
11 TTB

Rest 1:1
Ranged 0:53 to 0:55

My new nifty Garmin activity monitor had my HR at 100 after this. Wow I’m really in shape. Too bad I measured it manually at 172! Sometimes they are soooo of on new electronics it’s not even funny. Anywho the intervals felt good. MU felt awkward but it’s been a couple weeks.


3) 9:00 AMRAP of:

20 Calorie Row
15 Bar Facing Burpees
10 Hang Power Snatches @ 75#
3 Rounds at 9:17 – gotta love the open. Bleh!


MFS: 4/5/3 – pretty tired by the 9min. AMRAP and a little light headed after intervals. No idea why.

Accessory work after:  Hamstring Eccentrics, Arm Bars, and lotsa banded glute work