Moderately heavy deadlift sets x 10 reps
Did all of these without a bounce letting the barbell settle. They felt as strong as my Deadlifts ever have.

Running and DB snatch at 55lb WoD

Emily and I did this as a partner wod with 1 dumbbell. We would each do 2 reps then alternate and we just ran together. Her a little slower and me trying not to slow her down! I think for how I was feeling today this was about what I had. Forced us to move the dumbbell fast when it was our turn and me to run faster too.

Broke the Deadlifts and wod into 2 sessions.

MFS: 7/8/4 – mentally drained. Slept an hour. Adductors a little sore and shoulders feels like they did something but honestly not too bad!


Spent the entire day at the gym helping our Master’s Christi Warren, Joey Sandoval, and Corey Hall do their Regional WoDs in between doing our own double session.

AM Session

Gymnastics Play
3 Rounds wearing 20lb. vest
2 Rope climbs
3 Muscle Ups

Every 90 seconds, climbing the ladder:
“Bear Complex”
1 Power Clean
1 Front Squat
1 Push Press
1 Back Squat
1 Push Press

Loads per set: 125, 135, 145, 150, 155, 160, 165, 170, 175, 180, 185, 190, 195

180 – got 1/2 way thru 185. This went better than I expected! Happy with it. Could’ve done more push jerking but I get afraid to bring more than this down behind my head.

“Squatting Elizabeth”
Complete rounds of 21, 15 and 9 reps for time of:
Squat Cleans (95 lbs)
Ring Dips

huge PR. At the Games power cleaning I had about 6 reps left at the 6:00 time cap so that tells you something I was well under the time cap today squatting.

1 mile jog cool down

MFS: 3/3/2 – slept 10 hours and feel awesome Nothing really sore.

PM Session

Ground to Overhead speed work

For time:
50 Back squats (95 lbs)
40 Pull-Ups
30 Shoulder-to-Overhead (95 lbs)
50 Front Squats (65 lbs)
40 Pull-Ups
30 Shoulder-to-Overhead (65 lbs)
50 Overhead Squats (45 lbs)
40 Pull-Ups
30 Shoulder-to-Overhead (45 lbs)

16:42 – in 2012 I did this in 21:47 at a 10/10 on the pain scale. Today I tried to stay in steady blocks. It was mostly muscular endurance in my legs limited but way better than I remember it.

MFS: 3/5/4 – still feelin pretty fresh actually. Legs tired but not awful.



AM Session

1k easy row
800m jog

Back Squats up to 95%. Didn’t have more today.

Every minute, on the minute, for 12 minutes:
Hang Snatch x 2 reps @ 145-160 lbs
145(2 sets)
150(2 sets)
155(5 sets)
160(1 set)
165(2 sets)
No misses :-)!

Nice little heavy front squat, ring dip and bar muscle up wod. .

MFS: 5/7/4 – slept 9.5 hours and needed it. Still fatigued though.

PM Session

Nice little wall ball and double under couplet. 300 reps total
7:18 – broke the wall balls and breathed just enough to get my % back under 90 so the DUs would go smooth. Got all DUs UB. Happy with that :)

Reverse Hyper
GHD Sit-Up
4 rounds alternating 15reps

MFS: 3/5/4 – felt more energetic by the end of this. Lateral calves tight.


Track Day!

800′s and 200′s. 3 miles total.

Glad I’m starting running earlier this year!


Today was in a word Tough!

AM Session

1 mile jog

Worked on HS walks 4×10-15m and 35# pistols 4×8.

Hit an 85-90% snatch
175 – missed 185. Pull wasn’t there.
Maybe the 40 hang cleans bad something to do with that, lol.

“Heavy Amanda”
Complete rounds of 9, 7 and 5 reps for time of:
135 lb Squat Snatch

6:33 UNBROKEN MUSCLE UPS WHAT!! This may be my new favorite workout.

1 extra snatch on the 7′s. I got lost but wasn’t gonna do too few so probably 6:20 actually. Rounds were 2:18 4:54 6:33

At 2011 Regionals this took me 12:37 and a year and a half ago it took 5:07 with 95#. So pleased.

MFS: 2/5/5 – Feelin’ good

Swam for about 45min.

5x50m warm up
5x50m technique
4x75m trying to be smooth
6x50m working on more speed.

1000m total

PM Session

Legless rope climb EMOM

Probably the most brutal 30min EMOM I’ve ever done of rowing, Wall Ball Shots (20 lb), Power Cleans (145 lb), Burpees, & Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups

I was not quite able to do it all without shorting some of the row. That was a 9/10 and felt like the 100s for sure.

Heavy Farmer’s Walk
Heavy Prowler Push

Took a while to remember how to get off the ground and outside but we got this one done.

MFS: 3/8/5 – forearms and upper traps sore. Rest just feels well done. This day was not more taxing than Regionals in terms of how sore I get every year but it was in terms of how fatigued I am now, whoa.


EMOM squat day and this just makes me laugh.

Ascending double back squat EMOM

EMOM 20 minutes:
ODD – Burpee sprints
EVEN – toes to bar

Breathing hard but almost fully recovered each round. These were all a sprint and TTB UB. Emily made me push on the Burpees. She’s so fast!
MFS: 5/6/5




Awesome time training at CrossFit Salvation today with the other SE girls!

800m jog

Every 90 seconds, for 15 minutes (10 sets):
Power Clean + 2 Front Squats
Got to 205

In teams of 3-4, perform the following Congo-Line style – you cannot move forward until the station in front of you is open…

Four sets of:
Row 500 Meters
10 Hang Cleans (145 lbs – power clean is fine)
8 Ring Muscle-Ups

The first team member must wait until the last team member has completed her 8th muscle-up before starting to row on the next set. This means you should have adequate rest, and should be able to keep your individual round times consistent.

3:52 3:50 4:32 4:00 3:41 – middle round I was fussing with the ring strap falling down. Last round I took a slightly longer rest break before the MU and was able to get them UB. All rows around 2:00. Cleans were 6/4 except the first round UB which didn’t really help. Thought we had 5 sets, oops!

MFS: 6/7.5/5 – really tired going in today. Did not sleep well.


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