Check-In Day!


Pictures and interviews


Lotsa awesome Reebok swag. It gets better every year. This year there is definitely a yellow theme!


Bus rides to the Stub Hub center for event announcements.


Eva listening to Castro explain the events.


Mine and Lauren’s facial expressions during the explanation of the muscle-up biathlon, lol!


Chatting with friends at dinner.



Lauren and I at Long Beach today getting air brush tattoos.

Session 1
Practice ocean entry and swim.

Southwest Florida crew!


Joining the flock with Eva


Session 2
5x800m run
Rest 2min.


Lauren, Eva & I in the Atlanta airport on our way to California for the Games today! Eva is pretty excited, not gonna lie.

In-active Recovery Day

4 days!


6 days!

Today was my last full day in FL. I received some Reebok bacon in the mail, visited the chiropractor, finished packing, got my hair and nails did, ate a lot of sushi, and oh yeah worked out too…

Jerk Recovery to mini-OHS
Up to 245

C&J up to 90%

6min. AMRAP
4 Burpee Box Jump-Overs (20″)
6 Toes to Bar
8 Wall Balls

Airdyne Intervals

MFS: 4/4/6 – my arse is plenty sore from pushing that sled!!

Mid-hair-did selfie



Real Fitness Naples programmed the triples as the gym’s workout so I had a lot of company doing it today!

6 days!


3k Row
300 Double-Unders
3 Mile Run

It was already 90+deg sunny and humid at 930am. I kept trying to mantra “push” on the run and the word “hot” kept creeping in. I’m so thankful CA is always cooler. This event is still
going to be a pain cave regardless.


Sled pushes at the football field. Talk about lactic acid! Whoa!


Paddle Board lesson. I definitely want to go out boarding on calm water just for fun after the Games!


Saw a full grown, wild peacock in my friend’s neighborhood tonight. I’m going to assume he was good luck!

MFS: 3/5/3 – my legs are definitely tired after today. Glad I did all that though.


Made a little video for my RSP sponsors today so I’ll share it. Talking on camera has always been hard for me!

1,000m Ocean Swim

Actually did this in the am because it often rains here in the pm. Went to the ocean and man it was windy and wavy today. No real way to swim past the breakers so I was tossed about a lot. Swam for 21min. without touching bottom. No way I would’ve been comfortable doing this in surf for that long a month or more ago. Progress. Feel ready.

10 Push Press
Couple breaks in front rack on later rounds.

Straight into

E2MOM (3 sets):
10 Muscle-Ups
Sets were 7/3 6/4 6/2/2 not too hard just could tell from the dip that I’ve done a lot of muscle ups this week!

Straight into

4 Large Tire Flips + 5 Burpees Onto Tire

Took about 48sec. per round.

3×5 pistols @35#

MFS: 4/3/5 – Energy is back and feeling much better overall. Hip sore, rest of the body is good :)


“If you’re a bird, I’m a bird!”

8 days!

AM Session

Four sets of:
Row 500 Meters
25 Double-Unders
Run 600 Meters

All good

PM Session

Jerk recoveries into OHS mini dips.
Up to 245 with 5 mini dips. Felt good to hold this much overhead that long and get comfortable.

Complete rounds of 12, 9 and 6 reps for time of:
Power Snatch (105 lbs)
Toes to Bar
2:23 – all UB.

Then rest until the running clocks hits 5:00…
When the running clocks hits 5:00…

Complete rounds of 12, 9 and 6 reps for time of:
Power Clean & Jerk (105 lbs)
Bar Muscle-Ups
5:56 – grip and pull were just shot and definitely breathing hard! Broke the 9 C&J once cause of this and the bar MUs a bit. Started to feel food come back up too. Maybe still my stomach cause that’s not a usual thing this soon in.

When the running clock hits 10:00…

Complete rounds of 12, 9 and 6 reps for time of:
Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups
Rested 2min. so this still had some intensity
2:08 – C2B UB but hard! Arms are definitely tired from bench and 48 MUs yesterday.

Three sets for max calories of:
3 Minutes of AirDyne
Rest 5-6 minutes

53 58 63 – Funny the first round hurt just as bad but wasn’t nearly as good.

MFS: 3/4/5: definitely more push today. Felt like all the intensity flushed my system a bit. It needed it.


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