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Today was supposed to be more of an active rest day with a nice hike up Kintamani. The hike was pretty crazy incline and definitely ended up being more of an aerobic workout, plus my quads were already sore from yesterday. The volcano and lake view from the top was definitely worth it though!

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Programmed for myself today so I did most things I needed to work on and one lift I just like!


40min. with HR below 150bpm
500-600m Run
30 Goblet Squats 16kg
20 Hand Release Push-Ups
30 KBS 16kg

Got just shy of 5 Rounds. My low back was extremely tight on the first round but it got better by the last 3 rounds.


1. Jerk Grip OHS
Work to heavy triple

In Kg 30 40 50 60 65 70 75 80 85 90 stopped here


This makes my 3rm jerk grip OHS more than my 3rm front squat and a tiny bit under my back squat right now 😛 my theory is from all the days of gymnastics I can actually stabilize my core more with my arms overhead than down.

2a. KB split squats (elevated back leg)

2b. Hamstring Ring Bridges – eccentric only



Thrusters 50kg
Box Jumps 24″

Rest 3min.

Push Press 50kg
Burpee Box Jumps 24″

Rest 3min.

OHS 50kg
Burpee over Bar

Tried to pick a weight I could do UB but would hurt and it did! Legs were especially wobbly after each couplet. The round of 6 on the barbell was miserable each time. Especially on the thrusters and I had to rest a breath overhead to let the lactate settle and keep cycling. I really like combining short bursts of heavy fast squats and jumping though because it’s a weakness for me.

Times were
1:59 2:15 2:16
I was within 1 second to Chelsea each time but she used 37.5kg and it gave me a heck of a push!

MFS: 2/2/3(back 6) – energy was really good today. Only complaint would be my low back being tight so we stayed away from pulling.

How’d I do programming?!! HA

Chelsea and I visited a temple where you can bathe in the springs inside!image image image image image image