Awesome time training at CrossFit Salvation today with the other SE girls!

800m jog

Every 90 seconds, for 15 minutes (10 sets):
Power Clean + 2 Front Squats
Got to 205

In teams of 3-4, perform the following Congo-Line style – you cannot move forward until the station in front of you is open…

Four sets of:
Row 500 Meters
10 Hang Cleans (145 lbs – power clean is fine)
8 Ring Muscle-Ups

The first team member must wait until the last team member has completed her 8th muscle-up before starting to row on the next set. This means you should have adequate rest, and should be able to keep your individual round times consistent.

3:52 3:50 4:32 4:00 3:41 – middle round I was fussing with the ring strap falling down. Last round I took a slightly longer rest break before the MU and was able to get them UB. All rows around 2:00. Cleans were 6/4 except the first round UB which didn’t really help. Thought we had 5 sets, oops!

MFS: 6/7.5/5 – really tired going in today. Did not sleep well.


Double on a Saturday?


AM Session

1k easy row
800m jog

Gymnastics Play

Ladder EMOM
Burpees Over the Barbell
Clean & Jerk
Go as high as you can. Burpees definitely make this harder.

For time:
Run 800 Meters
30 Handstand Push-Ups to 4″ Deficit
Row 1000 Meters

I just had it in my head that this was a 1k run too. I guess because in 2011 at the regionals it was, so that’s what we did, lol. My time in 2011 was 10:41 but that was without a deficit. Emily was 100m ahead after the run and got 8 HSPU in when I started. I never came off the wall and pulled ahead of Emily on the HSPUs. Row was not smokin’ fast but hurt. My lats and quads felt pretty tired by then.

MFS: 4/6/5 – body can feel the accumulation of the week. Not super sore just not as powerful I think.

PM Session

800m jog

Row + Ground to Overhead Intervals
rows about 1:50-1:53, all C&J TnG & UB. Felt like the times got better because I got more efficient moving the barbell. Probably could’ve hit 2-3 more rounds this pace.

“It’s Worse Going Down”
We didn’t even wanna do this one but I convinced Emily we should at least do it at 70% because volume is the point right now. Felt like 80% on the way up and 90% on the way back down with a spikes to 95% during the wall ball and deadlift. Deadlift at the end was hardest for me. That and trying to jump after them.

MFS: 4/6/5 – more tired going into the last wod than after it. Probably due to the lactic work prior.

Hamstring still tight but manageable. Calves and lateral quads feeling tight too, probably getting used to all the running and jumping. Rest of me just feels some volume.


Active Recovery Day



AM Session
1k easy row
800m jog

Five sets of:
3-Position Snatch

135 145 155 155 155 155 160 – no misses but these felt 10# heavier than last week. Tired today.

Back Squat sets up to 90-95%

1. Front Squat x 2 reps + Bar Muscle-Ups
2. Burpees + Ring Dips with a 1-second pause at full extension
Hardest part was the front squats. Not sure why. 3 reps would’ve probably been it. Bar MUs were easier than last week. Could’ve probably done 3 more a round.

Burpees no problem and ring dips were UB better than I thought. Maybe could’ve done a couple more a round UB.

MFS: 2/Started at a 7 and ended at a 4 or 5/7 just my hamstring is sore

Last night Emily and I both had some sort of stomach bug making it hard to get going today. She threw up and I just had some issues of the other end. TMI huh!?

PM Session

Swam midday and took a nap in the sun. Focused on technique over speed for both.

(800m total)

800m jog

Gymnastics Play Session

Started with 6 legless rope climbs. Played a little with ring back and forward rolls. Not much though, Emily was itching to get this over with.

“Pain Tolerance Test”
2 Minutes of AirDyne for Max Calories

Rest exactly 60 seconds, and then . . .

For time:
Fran variation

Could feel the lactic acid in my body and muscle endurance being the hardest part of this workout just until the last round when the aerobic side kicked in and it just hurt all around. Loved it

12″ Deficit Parallette HSPUs
4×3 then 1 set Max Effort no rest in the bottom got 9.

MFS: 3/4/4 – good energy after this actually Hamstring feeling better as the day goes on. Helps not to stand at work all day and be able to get on a rumble roller every couple hours!


Track Day!

We did about 3.5 miles of interval work at the track. Haven’t driven over there in months but it does feel a lot better than pavement. Mostly it was me running after Emily. I can tell I haven’t been doing much running but now’s the time to up it!


Becky’s last day training with us. We all went to the gun show!

AM Session

800m jog

Gymnastics Play Session
KB play
Worked on oly and other movements with the kettlebells. Harder than they look!
Ring HSPUs
About 5×5

Take 15-20 minutes to build to today’s 1-RM Push Press, and then…

180 Failed 190 today. Shoulders are tired from the 80HSPUs yesterday me thinks.

Five sets from jerk blocks
175. First sets were pauses in the rack. Last sets TnG.

Then we did the most rowing I’ve done since the Games. Which like all rowing after that experience… Could always be worse.
7329 meters total

MFS: 2/5/3 – feeling very good so far this week.

PM Session

For times: (ascending weight)
Shoulder to Overhead x 30 reps
Rest 2 minutes
Shoulder to Overhead x 25 reps
Rest 2 minutes
Shoulder to Overhead x 20 reps

0:40 – UB all push jerk
0:50 – 15/10 – slight pause overhead on last 3-4 reps and all TnG push jerk
0:57 – 8/6/6 – fast thru 8/6 w/ 3sec break reracking the bar. Last 6 got spicey. All TnG except last rep was a split jerk after 2nd to last rep the right elbow almost didn’t lock. Paced this just right to get thru with little to none left.

We ended today with about the spiciest 30min. EMOM I’ve ever done.
Deadlifts, box jumps, muscle ups, OH walking lunges, Burpees, and a partridge in a pear tree!

This was really hard cardiovascularly for me. If the clock hadn’t been on the minute mark I probably would’ve rested longer before deadlifts cause I didn’t feel ready but they moved fine each time so that was good to push outside my comfort zone and thrive, just still gets my heart rate up a lot doing them. After round 2 I gave up on a belt too and my back feels 100% :-) ass is on fire from lunging but that’s a good thing.

800m cool down jog.

MFS: 3/8/5 – Legs really tired from all the jumping and rowing. Shoulders tired too.


So fun working out with these girls today. Emily will be in another few weeks but Becky just happened to be down on vacation for her kid’s spring break.

Warm Up
1k row 2:05-2:10
800m jog

Dead-Stop Front Squats
Went conservative 175 for 4 sets then 180 for the last 8.

Every two minutes, for 20 minutes:
Clean x 2 reps
Started lower at 155 to see how they’d go. Went up 5lbs every set and hit 200 for 2. Did an 11th set of 205 and failed the second one.

We all did a nice little pyramid chipper today with
Alternating One-Arm DB Snatch (55 lb), Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups, Handstand Push-Ups, & Box Jumps (24″). 230 reps total. Good sweaty push at the end!

10:43 – C2B felt really good today. HSPU started to get bogged down and in smaller sets, even 3′s by the end. Box jumps got hard and more aerobically taxing for me half way through. I stepped down just because I like my achilles. 2 weeks out I’ll bound again. Emily caught and passed me by a couple there then I caught and passed her on HSPU and C2B again. Last DB snatch were sweaty and hard.

Three rounds for time:
20 GHD Sit-Ups
80 Double-Unders

5:28 – good pace on the GHD, tried to catch my breath there but keep moving. DUs went 80, 38/42 (with a purposeful break) & like 44/36 with a trip. Hardest part was just my legs getting tired from the jumping. I think the box jumps prefatigued them.

4×15 Reverse Hyper at 120

MFS: 2/5/3 – felt a little boggie until the clock started then I felt awesome. Maybe it was the having people with me.


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