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Adulting can be hard!


Side Plank Abductions


Picking things up Olympic style

10×1 Hang Snatch @80% – Rest 30sec.

165 all. Got better as I went.



Games Triangle Couplet 2015


Thrusters 115#

Bar MU

5:39 – Broke Thrusters 8/7 and 5/5. Bar MU got pretty tough at the end but tried to keep them nice and smooth. Happy with this, especially feeling tired today.




4×3/6 Front Squat/Back Squat at 94% of Wednesday

155 + bands but took the bar out from behind me. Finally graduating!


More Gymnastics Skill

12min. EMOM

Odd: 5 Wall Walks

Even: 10 Strict Weighted Ring Dips

Cut this shorts at 10min. My arms were just done. Also no weight on the dips. My weight was enough!


MFS: 4/5/6 – pretty tired and sore today still. Been a month since I had body work. Getting some tomorrow!!!


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Black Friday at work is for ugly Christmas sweaters and pretty Christmas music all day!

Could not get myself going this morning, but felt I needed to flush my legs a little so I did 40min on the bike with some lunges mixed in. That was it. Sometimes your body needs a break and I’m trying to listen to it more now.

Yesterday’s lasagana… I don’t always cook (ok next to never) but when I do I surprise myself with how good it is!