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Thank you for visiting my blog!  My name is Talayna and I am a Physical Therapist with a Crossfit problem.  I have led previous lives as a collegiate gymnast and heptathlete, before finding my current passion/obsession at Real Fitness of Naples.  This site details my journey through various workouts in preparation for the Crossfit Games.


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Be your own hero!


A. Failed 3rd rep of about the last 3 sets and was levering off my head on the wall on the last rep of most sets. It was a stiffer band than usual.

B. Sets of 3 the whole way but def got hard the last 2-3.

Did a ton of ankle mobility between A. and B. and alternated back and forth.

C. 20, 40, 55, 70 – my real goal was to see how many I could do at 70#. I got 5.  I think I used a little hip lift after the initial pull though.

D. 20# vest

E. Better maybe? Leaning as far as I can before I face plant.

F. Did planche holds with my feet on a band for 20sec at a time about 8-10 sets

Then had some fun


Airdyne 15 min easy
Meeehhhh moderately easy

7 today. Didn’t sleep enough. Shoulder a little touchy but feels better after some mobility.