Thank you for visiting my blog! It details my CrossFit journey from October 2011 through October 2016, but first some background. My athletic career began at age 18 months when I climbed onto our roof. Mom was not amused and put me in gymnastics as soon as she could at 4. I did gymnastics all through high school and on a scholarship for my last 2 years of college at Southern Utah University where I competed in the All Around. I also did track and field in high school and after my final gymnastics season joined the SUU track team. I did the heptathlon and pole vault, but my favorite was always hurdles and long jump.

After college I tried a bunch of things because I always loved being active. I did a fitness competition, a couple triathlons, 3 half marathons, and countless spin, step and body pump classes. I was always doing random things in the gym, trying not to get bored with the machines there.


In October 2009 I began my first job as a Physical Therapist out of Graduate School the same week I started CrossFit. I still remember being too sore to demonstrate to a patient raising my arms at work without wincing. My first workout was Angie. I used a band and did it in 11 minutes and change. I was sore for days after but I was hooked!

My first couple months of CrossFit gymnastics came pretty easily, but strength not as much. I remember cleaning 105lbs. and missing 110lbs., getting butterfly pull-ups after watching a video, not being able to pull a 200lb. deadlift, and my back squat PR being 165. I did my first Regionals 6 months later and placed 14th. At that time I looked up to Michelle Kinney, Shana Alverson, Laura DeMarco, and Jenny Orr. I wasn’t sure I could be as good as them, but I absolutely loved CrossFit and wanted to get better.

In 2011 I did get better. I ended up winning the Open for the Southeast region and decided to go individual instead of team. I tried so hard at Regionals that year, (probably too hard) it was an epic fail that still landed me 4th. I learned a ton from the experience though, like the importance of pacing, breaking up reps, and taping of one’s hands to name a few. I went to the Games that year as a spectator and remember watching through tears the final events because I knew I could do what they were doing and I wanted it.

I don’t think I’ve ever worked as hard as I did in 2012. I entered multiple local competitions just to get better at competing and won a good majority of them. I did not win the Open and still went into Regionals nervous and unknowing how’d I’d do. By the last event I was sitting far enough in first that I just had to finish the first part of muscle-ups to make the Games. When I did people probably were wondering why I was smiling mid-workout. That victory was probably the sweetest for me.


At the 2012 Games I decided to go in with the mindset that I could beat the veterans and would, instead of just wanting to do my best and have fun like most rookies. Some events were fun, but I’m not going to lie some of them took me to a new place of pain, like the football sled/rope climb. I told a few people I was going there to win before I left and most were like “ok, we know you’ll do your best hun”. When I was leading after day 2 it was pretty awesome to see the look on one particular friend’s face who was actually the person who had told me about CrossFit in the first place. By the last event I was barely hanging onto 3rd place and had to beat Kristin Clever on Fran. When I heard Fran announced most people weren’t happy, but it was what I would’ve chosen had I been given the chance. Probably my favorite female workout. It came down to the very last pull-up and I had no idea Clever was even beating me going into our last set until I watched the video because she was behind me the whole time. I just kept thinking “PUSH”! It was an amazing experience to make the podium that year. Not sure the elation I felt can be topped but I’m still trying!

I went to the Games again in 2013 taking 5th and in 2014 taking 32nd due to an injury that made me unable to squat.  In 2015 I got to see another side of the Games on the demo team and competed in Regionals again in 2016.  The sport has changed so drastically since 2009 it’s absurd, but very fun to still be a part of.



Currently I’m focusing on having fun in the gym and not placing any significant pressure on myself performance wise during the off season.  I’m also finishing my doctorate in Physical Therapy and learning all I can about the Prehab side of CrossFit.  I would like to give back to the community in the form of injury prevention one day.  It can be a hard sport on those who compete or have been involved in it for many years, but I don’t think it has to be with intelligent incorporation of accessory work and stabilization.  My future focus is on developing this type of a program for athletes.