Thank you for visiting my blog.  My name is Talayna and I am a Physical Therapist with a Crossfit problem.  I have led previous lives as a collegiate gymnast and heptathlete, before finding my current passion/obsession at Real Fitness of Naples.  This site details my journey through various workouts in preparation for the Crossfit Games.


  1. Liddle Buddie loves your comment. Love, Liddle Buddie

  2. My special Buddie-ism for you Talayna is #47. As much as humanly possible, embrace #15 as quickly as possible and let #71 be a guide. Love, Liddle Buddie :)

    PS: #11 is or all those who train at Crossfit.

  3. I’m a big fan, I thought u were awesome at the games especially the obstacle event. Keep up the great work!

  4. Great job at the games, we are fans. My fiance and i watched you and read your article in “BoxLife”. We will be visiting my mom next week in fort myers and are trying to arrange a drop-in at real fitness on mon. or tues. Maybe we will catch you there. :)

  5. Hey Talayna, as a fellow Physical Therapist, I wish you all the best :) what area of PT are you working in? I am musculoskeletal and sports. I will be watching your porgress with interest.

    If you need any information from an old (but hopefully wise) PT, let me know – I specialize in the hard to fix problems people have.


    • Thanks Antony. I’m in Outpatient Orthopedics in FL. We have mostly an older patient base but some athletes. Thanks for your support!

  6. I remember watching the games with you from a spectator box a year and a half ago in 2011. Way to power into 2012. Wish you the best in 2013!

  7. Hi Talayna,

    I own a box around the corner from Roots and wishing you the best of luck today! Just wanted to let you know that if you need a place to hang out and warm up a bit away from the chaos, just let me know. No worries at all. brian@ruyacrossfit.com

  8. Good morning T-
    Big fan of yours. I saw you compete at SE regionals last year and you won me over when doing muscle ups in one of the WOD’s. I enter into many Crossfit competitions and use your effort as an example to push me harder. It is annoying with these competitions though. My first one I placed 3rd, second competition is placed 2nd. All other competitions I did terrible. Such is Crossfit. Good luck.

    • Thank you David. Keep working at it and enjoy competing against yourself too!


        >________________________________ > From: Talayna Fortunato >To: liddlebuddie@yahoo.com >Sent: Tuesday, April 2, 2013 9:19 AM >Subject: [New comment] Talayna > > > WordPress.com >Talayna Fortunato commented: “Thank you David. Keep working at it and enjoy competing against yourself too!” >

  9. Hi there just wanted to give you a quick heads
    up. The text in your content seem to be running off the screen in Firefox.

    I’m not sure if this is a formatting issue or something to do with internet browser compatibility but I figured I’d post
    to let you know. The design and style look great though!
    Hope you get the issue solved soon. Cheers

  10. Would love to invite you out to a training camp this June let me know

  11. Good Afternoon! I wanted to let you know that we are cheering for you here in NY! I come down to Naples every few months and workout at the box… See you working hard and you were very nice to speak to there. good Luck on your journey and Iwe are all pulling for you…

  12. You are such an inspiration and i admire you and your hard work so much to get your goals! Good Luck!!

  13. Hey just wanted to say I dig this blog and bummed I didn’t know about it sooner. I’ve been cross fitter and fan of the games since 09 and a fan of yours since seeing you compete at the Games last year. Something about your personality is very transparent/kind/encouraging and this blog shows an incredible balance of intensity (workouts/videos) combined with real honesty/integrity/encouragement.

    Keep up the really great work and good luck in California. I hope you win the whole thing!!!

    ‘mac’ from chicago

    • Thank you Mac! I real just started it for me but I think it’s nice for people to see that I go thru obstacles and have off days and what not too. It’s also great for me to look back a year and see how much I’ve improved.

  14. Talayna, What a great last day. Congrats on your 2013 performance. You are an inspiration to all! Keep pushing on.

  15. T,

    Greg here from Rocktape. Can you please contact me?

  16. Talayna,

    Big Fan of yours! Came across your page on google, and wow, blown away by your WODs! Keep up the good work! I live in the keys so maybe one day ill get a chance to drop in at your box.

    Take care,


  17. Hey Talayna! I am almost done with my last year of DPT school here in CA and I also have a Crossfit addiction lol.

    I was wondering, as a PT…How do u deal with all the negative comments about Crossfit and how people are all about slamming it on topics like “rhabdo” “frequent injuries” “bad technique” being in the spotlight im sure youve heard them all!!! I would appreciate having a decent response to people without getting all worked up about it haha. Any input would help!

    Thanks! And ps Thank you for being such a bad ass and inspiration!!!

    • Honestly I don’t get asked much but I like this answer,

      “CrossFit is not dangerous.
      Bad coaching is dangerous,
      poor movement is dangerous.
      Ego is dangerous.

      CrossFit, properly scaled
      to the individual is the
      safest and most efficient
      program available”

      Then follow it up by more illness and disability is caused by doing nothing, than doing CrossFit. :-)

      • Totally agree Talayna.

        I was very disappointed that I didn’t get to meet you last weekend…I was one of the ones who was supposed to be at the Sydney seminar – I realise it wasn’t your fault.

        Next time – I hope to be running some seminars in USA next year – maybe we can catch up at the Games or when I am on tour :)

        http://www.mypteducation.com :)

      • So sorry Antony! We were told it was cancelled and very mislead (actually lied to) the entire week by the person who had organized us all coming over. I hope we can meet if you are in the Us as well. Again, my deepest apologies for the poor communication!

      • Thanks a lot, I guess I’m just surrounded by some skeptics who are stuck in their ways. Oh well! I like your answer too I’ll give it a shotand let you know how it goes :)

  18. No problem Talayna…I understand that it wasn’t your fault. I felt bad for you and Sam and Pip to be honest…now I wish I was at Immortals to watch you guys :)

    Thanks for the reply. I will be around during Games time so I hope to see you around then – at worst, I will be with the CrossFit Football boys :)

  19. Hi Talayna! I watched you compete this weekend at Wodapalooza and met you briefly at the RSP tent (I work for Frank). Before then I was not aware that you are also a practicing PT. I am currently a PT student at UM and enjoy crossfit/olympic lifting as a hobby. I was wondering where you practice and if you ever take students/allow observation? I plan on practicing in the ortho field as well and would love to cater to the crossfit community, I figured you may have some advice. Thanks and great job at wodapalooza!

  20. thanks for being awsum!

  21. the rest of my comment didnt paste, sorry…..

    pulling for you on thursday! Go Hard!

  22. YOU WERE OUTSTANDING TONITE!!!!! I was blessed to watch you live. Amazing athlete with such a great attitude. I drove an hour to I Am Crossfit & my coaches blesses me with a ticket to see you tonight. As I stood in the crowd I tried to mimic all ur leg gestures & the way you squatted so that I too can be as great one day. Your Wonderful.

  23. You absolutely crushed 14.2! You’re awesome Talayna, keep up the good work. Nice to see you having fun again!

  24. Love this blog and seeing all your workouts and progress. Couple questions.
    1) I have the same issue with my knees caving in in squats or not being able to keep my chest up. What can I do to fix this and get better at squatting? Obviously probably squat more but is there anything else?
    2) how long did it take you from the start of your crossfit career to get strong enough to be competitive? And be so shredded! Ha
    Thanks again hope to hear back soon!

    • You can strengthen your outter hip to help. I do banded side-stepping and also squats with a band around my knees. It took me 6 months to enter my first competition but they were easier back then. I would’ve been scaled now for that one. To get ripped? Ha, idk that’s different for everyone and depends on your body type too.

      • Thanks for the reply! I’ve started doing those banded side steps before any squatting and it seems to be helping!
        By the way I had the chance to meet you at the games and it was an honor. Keep crushing it talayna you’re an inspiration :)

  25. Great blog, one of the regular sites I visit. I think it’s excellent that you post your workouts, thanks. Sarasota Florida here with a programing question; how do you determine which exercises you do each day either as WOD/metcons or lifting, thanks.

  26. Hi! My name is Angélica Pérez, I am a crossfitter in México, and my boyfriend, happens to be a huge fan of you! Bobby, my boyfriend and also a pretty good crossfitter, is going to turn 24 next month, and i know for sure that what would make him the happiest crossfitter on earth is that have you wishing a happy birthday for him. Thats all I ask, all i want, i am willing to pay or do whatever i need to get that. I know is a huge thing to ask, but all i want is a video of you saying “Happy Birthday Bobby” and thats it! I hope to hear from you soon, and i really hope to get the chance to recieve the video to my Mail, angelicaperezpulido@hotmail.com Thankyou so much for your time Angélica.

  27. Hey girl!! This is Charissa from Knoxville (Premier Athletics). I am so proud of you!!!!!! I just read your post about body image and it was very powerful. Keep up the amazing work with CrossFit! Hope all is well.

  28. Wish I knew you were in Sarasota would have loved to meet you. Really appreciate you being so transparent with your workouts and keep posting the short videos; thanks…I turn 60 in November and it has taken me a year of mobility and PVC training to do the overhead squat with just the bar. However, the explosive transition from a hang snatch position to the overhead is another hurdle, any suggestions?

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