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A) Speed Ladder (In-In-Out-Out) + 3 Parallette Hops + 10m Sprint; 4-6 Total
*rest 0:30-1:00 in between each

B) Shuttle Sprint; 5-7x25m (5m out + 5m back + 5m out + 5m back + 5m out)
*rest 0:30-1:00 in between each

C) Depth Jump; 15-20 Total Reps
*Immedietly Jump after landing, minimize initial impact time
*rest as needed in between each
*Do not perform more then 5 in quick succession


“High Hang + Low Hang Power Snatch:
2×1+2@60% 2×1+2@65% 1×1+1@70% 1×1+1@75% 1×1+1@80% 3×1+1@MTR

Worked from 45kg up to 60kg. Felt ok but my knee started hurting towards the end again.


“3×5:00 AMRAP + 2:00 Rest
9 Air Bike Calories
15 Russian KBS (53)
9 Step Down Box-Jump (20)

*on-running count from set to set

Got thru 7+all the swings. Those stared getting my glutes for sure. I did banded pull thrus yesterday and felt them today. Legs were fatigued today too.

4×10 single leg glute bridges



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