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A1) Front Squat: x2@73%
*Focus on being explosive
A2) Squat Jump; x5
*Rest :20 b/t movements
*rest 2:00 b/t sets

B) Wide Stance, Seated Good Morning; 4×8

C) Belt Squats; 4×15 HEAVY and FAST

Front squats at 154 felt good.

Good mornings up to 75# were fine

And belt squats at 55# good little burn


9 Hang Squat Cleans (95)
15 Ring Dips
50 DU’s
5:00 Rest
15 Calorie Row
15 Bench Press (95)
5:00 Rest
7:00 AMRAP;
800m Run
3 Rope Climbs
ME Bar Facing Burpees

First part I did first round of cleans UB and then broke 6/3. Dips were broken each round but got to singles for the final 5. And all my DUs were UB, yay! This went better than I thought.


Bench press definitely slowed down!! I’m better at around 125 for fewer reps!

Ran on the true form. Got like 23 burpees.

Felt very good through all of this.


“A1) GHD Sit Up; x10-15, rest 0:00
A2) Heel Touches on GHD; x10/side, rest 1:00
x3-4 sets A1-A2

B) Banded Pull Aparts; 50 total reps

C) Weighted Hip Extension on GHD; 3-4×12
*Hold KB or BB in extended arms out front


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