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Before I write about 14.2 I’d like to thank some people. Starting with this guy, my hot hunk Jeff for driving me to Miami and home again so I could rest in between working 8 hour days Wednesday and Friday. He had to work too mind you, but he is always there to support me.

Thank you to Camille for always being friendly, her husband Dave for keeping us laughing through lunch and dinner, & our coach CJ for making the trip out from San Diego to support us both! Dave looks like another species of large human breed in this photo no?

Next the crew from my gym, Real Fitness. On the left are Bridgett and Mark Chandley, owners of WoD SuperStore.com. Yes they actually go to my gym. Pretty organically cool! Then our coaches from left to right Dom, Joey, David & Alex who made the drive over as well.

Our friends CJ and Rich from Redline CrossFit in Naples. CJ swears she would’ve made it to the finals of the handstand competition had she not been drinking the lovely beer I Am Crossfit supplied.

And lastly, Alison and Anthony DiSarro, owners of Redline CrossFit in Naples. Hey guys, it’s not my fault you didn’t take a picture of yourselves at the event. I went with what I could find ok!

On to the actual event. Not gonna lie, I do get nervous for these events. Mostly because unlike the Games where the camera only watches you if you’re doing well, here they see the whole thing! Not to mention more people tune into this live feed than the Games live feed. That said, it’s such an amazing opportunity I would never let my nervousness keep me from participating and the crew of HQ people plus Cami definitely help to lighten the mood the whole time!

Us during rehearsal pretending the workout had V-ups and one arm push-ups.

Honestly it’s sort of weird trying to write about this workout because it was more of an exhibition than a competition. CrossFit competitions are never just one event, unless it’s one of those winner take all on the last event (which is dumb IMO). I’m really glad the crowd enjoyed it so much. I feel like it was a fun workout to do too (mostly cause I love intervals).


I also love strategy. I think this WoD was full of it and I had to almost take a step back after racing Cami through the first two rounds and ask myself, “what the hell are you doing? Break the pull-ups for gosh sake.” If I had really been thinking I would’ve brought my OHS grip in closer and put Rock Tape on my hands too, but there just wasn’t enough time to game all that. Thankfully I didn’t tear like all of the crab meat hands I saw posted on social media and I was happy enough with my score to make the possibility of tearing not worth a repeat. Not to mention my squat could definitely use the attention more!

Which reminds me of a quick tip by the way, I shave my hands! I know sexy right? I use a double edge, cheap-o Bic razor and have been doing it since I was like 10y.o. and in gymnastics. Works best if the hands are soft from a shower or bath and take it eassssy. Don’t be heavy handed and shave your whole callus off, just take off the top layer. More on this from the man who owned a gymnastics gym in Knoxville, TN I used to go to can be found here (small world). If your hands already did fall victim to 14.2, you can care for them with some of this before attempting to shave them once they’ve healed.

Now that I’ve successfully gotten off topic, I’ll bring this back to close my little Open wod post by saying thank you for reading. Also thank you for watching 14.2 and giving people like me with an exercise addiction an excuse to call it my “other” (cooler) job!


In all seriousness I will leave you with one thing I did relearn. Even if the man who said it lost a little integrity, it’s still true…


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