16.1 Open Strategy

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Hi kids! (I’m a master’s in weightlifting now so I can say that!) I hit 16.1 tonight just so I could give you guys some strategy tips! Actually no, I did it because I work all day tomorrow and wanted the option to repeat the workouts this year. But you will get the benefit of my first hand experience through pain valley.

The word of the day is PACE. Brought to you by the number 20! My closest comparison of this workout is to running a 5k. You go out with a pace that’s pretty sustainable and comfortable and around half way it becomes significantly less comfortable but you still try to hold it! If you go out too hard not only will you be in a world of hurt, your score won’t be as good as if you’d paced it well. The first half you should not feel like you’re working over 80-85%. The 15min. mark will take you to 90% and then it’s a gut check to the end.

Other helpful movement tips:
• Play with the grip width on your overhead lunges. You have to be wide enough to keep your arms locked out. But you want to go closer than your snatch grip to save your shoulders from fatigue. I went somewhere between the two and did a wide grip clean and jerk to get it up each time.

• Do some practice rounds and figure out your optimal step length, then make sure you hold that number consistent. Hint: the longer the steps the fewer the lunges (duh Talayna), but not so wide that your legs are working too much harder. What you don’t want is in later rounds to start getting to the last line slightly short and to have to start adding a lunge every time.
• Burpees are going to save time and energy over the long haul (and this is a damn long haul!) if you use a step in and step out approach. Think of it like a lunge step towards your hands and then back out. Play with it, but what you don’t want is: burpee, stand straight up, step step, jump, step step, turn then back down. Wasted time!
• Also if you can keep your chest lower and not stand up all the way then do. Long as you take off of and land back on two feet you’re good!
• For once the chest to bar are not the limiting factor in an open workout. If you’re good at them go unbroken as long as you can. If you start to break them just make the rest periods short.

• This may seem obvious but put your bar as close to your pull-up bar as you can.
• Chalk your pull-up bar well before hand but also put a block right beside it if you need more.
• This is a workout where seconds each round over the course of the workout make a huge difference. Minimize rest and transition times as much as possible m. Pacing should be done by slowing the lunges and burpees not by standing in place for very long to rest.
• If you tend to rip think about protecting your hands, knee sleeves help to protect your knees on the lunges, and if you’re a significant sweater consider wrist wraps.

Lastly, have fun! And remember it doesn’t always have to be fun to be fun! This is one of those you just feel accomplished for having done. My ass is thanking me right now for all of that I accomplished tonight. I see some RoMWoD in my future tomorrow! Until next week 🙂


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