2014 Wodapalooza & The Kill Cliff East Coast Championships

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So before I decided to do 3 competitions in a row to open up my 2014 season, I asked my coach CJ Martin what he thought about it like this, “Is it ridiculous to do all 3 of these. Actually forget I said that, I know it’s absolutely ridiculous, but will it hurt my Regionals or the Games this year.” He mulled it over and said as long as we got some essential strength work in mid-week between them he thought I could go for it. If I got too beat up I could always sit one out of course.


I’m happy Wodapalooza fell in the middle week. My legs were seriously sore after the OC Throwdown and I think they actually felt better by the 3rd day of Wodapalooza than they did the 1st. My friend and the following week teammate, Guido Trinidad really did an excellent job of pulling off an amazing competition at a beautiful venue another year in a row, including our first time doing an actual triathlon where we swam in the bay! It will probably always be my favorite off season competition because of the first year getting to compete with and almost beat the boys. Not sure anything will ever top that. Ok… Maybe one thing 😉 You can read about it here.

My goal for the 2 comps after the OC was to practice focusing on one event at a time and give full effort. The events can be found here. Instead of recapping all of Wodapalooza, I’ll put down my highlights, good and bad…


Starting with the low light first, just kidding, but seriously… this is our “elite” group of women running towards Biscayne Bay for the start of the triathlon. I dislike swimming, and open water swimming even more because I feel like I have no idea where I’m going except for trying to follow all the splashes passing me. After we swam approx. 300m we threw on our shoes and headed to the 2k row. Ever since rowing a 21k row last year, rowing just could always be, well… much worse! Knowing this I should probably go swim 5 miles, but I’m afraid I might drown! It finished off with a 2k run in which my legs and back were still so tight from the OC they just said NO. It was definitely my worst placing of the weekend, but hey I know what I gotta work on! The high here might be I didn’t have the bad luck of one female competitor who jumped into the water and landed on a manatee. Yep, that sh*t actually happened!


My next low was being weighed in for the 2nd week in a row, except this time for the strength event. Being an *ahem* “bigger” girl at 152# I had to out lift my little buddie Emily Friedman at 132# by 50# over 3 lifts just to tie. Ok done ranting, I tried to go big on the 2RM hang snatch. Hit 155 and then went for 170. Got the first rep easy and the 2nd I was forward on. While trying to save it I took a knee and time sort of slowed as I heard the announcer say will she still stand it up?! I thought for sure it was a no rep, but if they’re gonna count this ridiculousness I’ll try! I got from a lunge, back into the hole, and then above parallel before my arms eventually gave out and I dropped it forward, but the crowd was going pretty crazy. Shortly after the event I reflected on the tragedy from last week and thought how stupid that was. CrossFit should have better standards not allowing for press outs or scary saves to protect athletes under the influence of the competition zone from themselves like me. I do not endorse the sequence depicted below. It was in a word dumb!


My highs from Wodapalooza were the camaraderie of all the women this year and winning a couple of back to back workouts Saturday night and Sunday morning. They were both pretty close races and having the home FL crowd cheer is on was pretty elating. Here’s me hanging out on the bar to rest during Saturday night’s workout in between sets of bar muscle-ups. A pretty normal thing for a gymnast to do, but it freaked CrossFitters out, lol…


And at the end of the workout here…


Sunday’s deficit HSPU WoD


Podium finishers and my travel mates to Australia. Love both these ladies!


During the week in between these comps I got in a good workout Tuesday and felt pretty drained after and in need of rest Wednesday. I tried the ECC burpee box jump/back squat WoD that morning and probably got in my head about it, because I was so drained. From there it was pretty much supplemental work and active rest until go time again on Saturday.


In a word Boston was COLD! It also has a completely different feel culturally than Miami for obvious reasons. The field of athletes was about the size as the OC, but in a smaller layout. The ECC was also different than the last couple of weeks because the individual comp was Saturday only with the team event on Sunday only. My first high of the competition was I didn’t have to weigh in!!! It was a very well planned event with a lot fit into each day, but we were out early enough to shower for dinner. Here’s a link to the workouts.


I had a good feeling going into Saturday. Maybe it was the collective 20 hours of sleep I got the 2 nights prior, but I didn’t put pressure on myself and really tried to take this one, one workout at a time without focusing on the leader board. One high for me was doing as well as I did on the Burpee box jump and back squat WoD because those movements in combo are sometimes bad for me. Lucky chest to bar pull-ups completed that triplet though! It was the only one I was worried about so I was happy with 4th.


The 2nd to last workout lasted 3min. I love those where you can see the light at the end of the tunnel so soon, because I can just hit the gas and not second guess it! Axel bars are hard on your grip to snatch repeatedly by the way…




Going into the final I tried to ignore the leader board but knew I was in first. Everyone else seemed to be saying they liked us moving from one event to the next so fast because they never got cooled down. I somewhat liked that, but by the end my sugar and CNS were just crashing. I guess I was feeling the accumulation of the 2 weeks prior as I scavenged for dried fruit and sugary drinks during the 20min. between. I tried to pace the workout well enough on the 4 rounds of axel bar movements to do the 4 rounds of 5 muscle-ups unbroken each time.


It turned out to be just enough to hang onto the lead.

Popping bottles on the podium with Lindsey Valenzuela and Stacie Tovar.

I honestly can’t remember the last time I felt as drained as I did after Saturday. I’m certain it was the compound effect of the weeks prior. Nothing particular was beat up, I just had a glazed over haze where you have to consciously say “ok legs get up” to get out of a chair after dinner. Reebok treated us to an amazing dinner at Del Frisco’s Steakhouse that night though and indulge we did!


I believe the term for how I felt Sunday morning would be ‘hit by the WoD bus’. I second guessed my decision to do them both as I tried to get my body moving again, but with such an amazing team of Guido Trinidad, Noah Ohlsen, and Emily Friedman I was also looking forward to it.


We worked really well as a team and I think being friends prior really helped. Guido and Noah are from the same gym and like brothers and Emily and I have also gotten to be closer friends this year which I felt was an intangible compared to other teams I’ve been on when we met the same day.



We were in the lead all day until the final. It was a creative event with 20 HEAVY 245/165# shoulder to overhead, a buddy carry, handstand walk, more buddy carry, back to the S2O and ending with a partner walking front rack lunge. The women went through and then the men. Emily and I managed to put about a 40sec. lead on the field first.



Guido and Noah went next. It was quite a climatic finish. With the teams as close as they were going in whoever took this event won.



We were still ahead starting the last S2O. Our guys were splitting the reps a little more evenly but the dream team of Chris Spealler and Rich Froning was still gaining after Rich kept doing a stupid number of touch and go push jerks. They took the event and won overall, but we were still excited with 2nd. Afterwards I had a few joking comments like, “oh that’s weird, you mean Rich was good?”, lol.


After it all I’m honestly glad I did all 3. I think it helped me grow as an athlete and a competitor. Sometimes to get better at competing you just have to go and compete. Training doesn’t give you the same learning experience. I met some pretty amazing people that I won’t forget and also enjoyed competing again. I proved to myself I can handle the volume of a 3 week run and come out feeling good which makes the Games less daunting. I’m also more confident in my abilities as a competitor now and I know going into this competition season I will try to take the same approach of one workout at a time, full effort is full victory!


5 Responses to “2014 Wodapalooza & The Kill Cliff East Coast Championships”

  • Alexis

    THANK YOU THANK YOU for using my photos, Talayna!!! You did an awesome job this weekend!

  • Corey

    So damn cool! Can’t wait to watch you power through this Games season!

  • brian

    Love your honesty and drive to do what you do!! Love the pics and actually watched the KCECC live stream. You are an amazing athlete!!

  • Eva

    We were right in the same spot as that picture from Wodapollooza Saturday night watching you barrel through those amazing bar muscle ups. It was a very cool experience to watch you on a chilly, Miami night, with crazy lights and loud music. My two children were so excited too (4&1 year olds). Awesome job on all three weekends!

  • Jody

    Thanks for the recap. congrats on all 3 comps. Good luck in the opens, and the games of course!!!


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