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There should be more Chuck Norris CrossFit jokes!

800m jog
1k slow row

LB Back Squat: rest 45-60 sec btw sets (went off 290 and rounded up)
7 at 65% of 1RM 190
6 at 70% 205
5 at 75% 220
4 at 80% 235

rest 3-5min
4 rds resting 30 sec btw rds (time ea rd)
7 KB Shoulder to OH 35#
7/7 KB Snatch staying to same arm 35#
7 Vertical jumps to touch 12 in above reach (more like 16-18″)

rest 5min
1000m row for time
3:47.2 – I know everything I did in the last 48 hours was to make this harder and it did!

rest 2-3min
For time:
75 Full Sit-ups
25 GHD Sit-ups
3:28 – slowed the sit-ups a tad for less scooting around. Serious burnage going on right now!

Warm Up
5min spin
800m jog

DE: 6×3 Sumo DL with chains resting 60-75 sec btw sets and keeping good form with consistent speed
195 and up 10lbs every set to 245

rest as needed
30m Prowler Push 95-105#, 15m out, 15m back (should be moderate to heavy load)
7 Goblet Squats 53# KB
Run 60m: 30m out, 30m back
9:18 – first round 1:05/slowest round was 2nd 1:26/last round 1:14. Used total weight of 165# on the turf. Maybe a little heavy. I always do that :/. Today’s mantras for the movements were: chop chop chop, no rest- let it burn, and then make them move (meaning my legs, haha).

rest 5-8min
3-3-3-3 Hang Power Clean starting at 125# resting no more than 90 sec btw sets
125 145 165 185(ugly) 165(pretty)

rest 3min
Accumulate 90 sec of L Sit Hold resting 20 sec at ea break, record no. of sets it takes
3 sets – 43/20/27 – pecs cramped after the first one. Ouch!

MFS: 2/5/4 – body a bit fatigued but mostly just tired today. Posterior delts but more especially pecs are sore.

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