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A motivating post from an Aussie friend a while back.

60min. of swimming work.
Probably close to a mile. Lats were fatigued today from all the pull-ups and muscle-ups the last 5 days.

Stretching Yoga Class

Warm Up
4 Rounds
1min. Airdyne Recovery
20 air squats AFAP
400m Run

Runs were 1:59 1:49 1:39 1:29


Weighted Russian Dips

Legless rope climbs + ascents with legs with 10# vest

deficit HSPUs 8″

L-hold to TTB

4×1:00 HS hold in 45# vest

This stuff has to be helping cause it ain’t easy!

MFS: 3/4/4 – Shoulders and quads not so fresh but body is getting used to just doing it anyways. Low back also pretty sore from Chinese planks and reverse hyper BUT less achey again 🙂

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  • Constantin

    I wouldn’t tell my 20 year-old self that Plan B sucks. I would tell him, “Plan B will save you and a girl you barely know an afternoon at the clinic while waiting anxiously for some results.”


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