6.20.15 MIA Classic & my first weightlifting meet as a Masters

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So let me just say I HATE cutting weight. It stresses me out. I can’t sleep the night before and I even dream about weighing in and drinking things. I cut about 2lbs. of water weight for this meet and from here on I’m just going to lose 4lbs so I don’t have to worry about it! Here’s me downing some post weigh in Pedialyte.


That said the MIA Classic was awesome! They had a really cool venue in a small concert hall. They even played music during some of the sessions. It was my first lifting meet since 2013 and my first meet ever as a Masters (they start at 35).

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As for my lifts, they went pretty according to plan except for missing my 3rd snatch that is. I hit 70/75kg (154/165lbs) and missed 80kg (176lbs) in the snatch and went 85/90/94kg (187/198/207lbs) in the clean and jerk for a 169kg total. That makes my C&J about 95% of my all time max (power and squat). Just not quite there again squat yet. I will say though a meet total and gym total are totally different! Something about getting up on stage just makes you nervous! It’s the closest feeling to a beam routine in a meet that I’ve found!


My friend Kaiea was nice enough to go over with me and put up with me complaining of thirst the whole way over. I did qualify for the World weightlifting Masters in Finland though and won my age division (yes there was more than just me but not much, lol).


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