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Accessory Warm Up

3 Rounds

15 Reverse Hypers

10/10 Antirotation Hollow Rocks

A) (1 Snatch + 1 Hang Snatch)  ME in 10:00

Up to a whopping 105!

Rest 5:00

B) 5k Row
*Every 2:00, perform “A” Complex at 85-90%

Went at 85# with a 20min cap cause my back was getting a little tight so decided not to push it. I was at just over 3500m

45:00 AMRAP; For Quality;
50m Front Rack Carry 85
200m Sled Drag 65
90m SA farmer handle carry 55
200m Sled Drag 65

A) Low Plank + High Plank + Mt. Climbers; 3-4x 0:20+0:20+30, rest 1:00

B) Weighted Side Bends; 50 total reps per side
*break into sets as needed with minimal rest

up to 45#. Weight in the left hand is much harder!

MFS: 4/4/4 – def more tired today. Legs tiny bit sore.

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