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Not even sure what I would do without this guy and a meal plan!

A) Muscle Up Complex x5
(1 Toe Nail Spotted Muscle Up + 1 Muscle Up Negative)

B) Kipping Pull Up Cluster; 30 @ 10-10-10
*Only 0:05 rest clusters

C) Straddle Press Handstand Negatives; 8×1

D) Arch Rocks + Hollow Rocks; 3×10+10

1st; 8-12 DB Push Press (HEAVY, but still unbroken)

2nd Min; 12 Hip Extensions
3rd Min; 0:30 Step-Down Box Jumps (24/20) *focus on rhythm
3x 90sec Assault bike + 2:00 Rest
*Start the 1st on the 13:00. Aim to finish on your fastest Assault bike.

21 21 23cals

*Use Plyo’s/Agility as a warm up for Weightlifting Segment

Speed Ladder (2-Feet);
A1) Skier; x2, rest 0:15
A2) W-Weave; x1/direction, rest 0:45
x2-4 sets A1-A2
*Priority is accuracy. Only move as fast as you can keep your feet moving in the proper pattern


B) Box Jump + Depth Jump onto Box; 4×3, rest 0:45
*If the equipment is available, set 4 boxes up in line.

A) Tall Snatch: 8:00 Practice

B) Snatch:
2×2@60% 2×2@70% 2×2@75% 2×1@80% 2×1@85% 2×1@MTR

only up to 120 today

C) Snatch; EMOMx5:00 x1 @80% of B


E) Back Squat;
2×2@75% 1×2@80% 1×2@85% 1×2@90%

up to 165

F) Back Squat Cluster; 2x(3/3/3) @70% of 1RM
*Rest 0:20 b/t reps of 3
*Rest 3:00 b/t sets


A) SA DB Sotts Press; 3-4x 8/side, rest 1:00
15# these are tough

B) Paused, SL RDL; 3-4x 8/side, rest 1:00
*pause at bottom of movement


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