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Me tonight!!!


*Use Plyo’s/Agility as a warm up for Weightlifting Segment

A) M-Drill; 8:00 of Practice, rest as needed
*stop and pause in “ready” position at each cone
*Corners of box shoulder be ~10m apart
B) Lateral Box Jump; 4×4 (2/side); rest 0:30
A) “Bottom Up” Pistols; 5×4

B) Piked Skin The Cat; 3×3

A) Floating Power Snatch;
2×3@55% 2×3@60% 2×3@65%
*Bar should come as close to the floor as possible without touching

B) Power Clean + Push Press;
2×2+3@50% 1×2+3@55% 3×2+3@60-65%

2015 Regional Workout

5 Rounds

25cal Row

16 C2B Pull-ups

9  4″ Deficit Strict HSPU

PRd on this even though I broke the C2B a lot just because my HSPU are getting that much better! Yesterday was the first time doing C2B since Regionals so the capacity is down. Got thru the last row at the cap and finished it at 18:00

A) Hollow Rock + Arch Rocks; 3×15+15

B1) Banded, Pull Aparts; x10-12
B2) Banded, Straight Arm Lat Pull Down; x10-12
x3 sets B1-B2, rest 1:00
*Slow eccentric movement

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