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Song of the week!


*Use Plyo’s/Agility as a warm up for Weightlifting Segment

A) Pogo Jump, SR; 3×3, rest 0:30 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rktez-kSL7w

B) Scoop Toss; 10 total reps *rest as needed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbswA4ZszEU

These are like my favorite things ever. I may do them randomly in public some day!


A) Snatch Drop + Sotts Press; 5:00 of practice *This is not a Snatch Balance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UMjdbvzx-wY

Up to 75#

B) Push Press + Jerk; 2×2+1@50%, 2+1@60%, 2+1@65%, 4×1+1@70% *Use % of full CJ

105 125 140 – easy but split jerks still don’t feel as stable



“A) Weighted strict pull ups. Work up to a heavy 5RM for the day. 5 sets of 5, rest 60sec

10 20 35 40 40

B) 10 Strict press outs from start at bottom of 25lb plate deficit. Start in headstand and press out as explosively as possible. Perform only singles to guarantee max power each rep. Rest 20-30sec

easy but don’t feel exactly explosive!

C) 20 x 5sec HSPU negative on parallettes. Alternate between wall-facing and back against wall. Focus more of your energy toward the bottom of the negative where you are weaker. Rest 15-30sec

D) 10min EMOM – 3 unbroken MU’s

easier than I thought this would be. No trouble finishing but my hands are virgin!

E) 4 sets of 5 – Strict 2nd 1/2 T2B. Keep legs straight, toes pointed, and only lower legs until they are parallel with the floor before raising them back up. Rest 60sec”



A) 2k Row Time Trial + 8-12:00 Rest +

7:36.7 – not too shabby considering my PR was 7:32 in the 2013 Games! This wiped me though.

B) 8x 1:00 ME Calories on Air Bike

15 14 14 14 14 14 16 – felt wiped from the row for sure!

1:00 Rest

6 Feet Elevated Ring Rows

12 Wall Balls (20)

1:00 Rest


“A) Weighted Hip Extension on GHD; 4×12
*Hold KB or BB in extended arms out front


B) Close Grip Upright Row; 4×12


C) False Grip, Elevated, Ring Rows; 3×10

D) GHD Hollow Sit Ups; 3×10”

Active Life Rx stuff

A) 1 arm High Pull

40#, accumulate 55 reps, go until failure each set with each arm

B) Behind the Neck Press

80#, accumulate 45 reps without stress. no rep should be hard

C) Foot Drills

3 sets, 1 minute rest, hold 15#/hand

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