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“*Use Plyo’s/Agility as a warm up for Weightlifting Segment

Speed Ladder (Alternate-Feet);
A1) In-In-Out-Out; x2, rest 0:15
A2) Ali Shuffle; x1/direction, rest 0:45
x2-4 sets A1-A2
*Priority is accuracy. Only move as fast as you can keep your feet moving in the proper pattern

B) Box Jump + Depth Drop; 4×3, rest 1:00
*If the equipment is available, set 4 boxes up in line.


Clean Pull + Clean, Blocks Above Knee; 3×2+1@60%, 2+1@70%, 2+1@75%, 4×1+1@80%

up to 160 today


“A) 5 sets of 5 – SDHSPU’s on 45lb plates. End each set with slowest possible negative to bottom. Rest 60-90sec

B) 4 sets of 5 – Weighted (10lb vest) BMU’s. Rest 45-60sec

no vest just did them

C) 6 sets of 5 – Weighted strict ring dips. Work up to a heavy 5RM for the day. Rest 60sec


D) 5 – L-sit rope climbs w/ legless descent. Rest 90-120sec

Elbow almost felt strained after 2 so I stopped.

E) 4 sets of 10 – V-ups. These should be fast and aggressive. Focus on a deep compression at the hip and full closure at the top of each rep. Rest 60sec”


“A) 100 Cal Air Bike Time Trial

7:29 tried to stay over 300 Watts
7-10:00 Rest
B) 3 RFT;
12 Chest To Bar Pull-Ups
21 Step Down Box Jump (20)”

10:43 – unbroken


“A1) GHD Sit Up; x10-15, rest 0:00
A2) Heel Touches on GHD; x10/side, rest 1:00
x3-4 sets A1-A2

B) Banded Pull Aparts; 50 total reps”

MFS: 3/2/3 – good day 🙂

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