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Squats n Pulls

“A1) Cossack Squats; x16 total
*Hold KB in Front

Up to 35#
A2) S/L Step Up, Bar on Back; x8/side
x4 A1-A2

just 45# bar

B) Stationary, Reverse Lunge; x4/side @ Technical Max

onky up to 115. Don’t know why I’m nervous but still feels funny.
C) 3×8/side @ 60-70% of B”

95# no problem.


“6 sets of;
1st Min; 5-7 Deficit, Strict HSPU (45# plates. All UB)
2nd Min; 12-15 Russian KBS (HEAVY) used 60#
15:00 Rest
Sled Push;
4 sets, of;
7 x0:10 @100% Sprint Effort + 1:20 Rest
Resting 3:00 between each set of 7

*Sled weight should build off of WK1 if possible. We should still be able to maintain FAST foot turnover”

Used 50# plus the 75# sled. Felt like I could’ve kept doing these forever but just couldn’t go any faster.

MFS: 4/4/4 – tired today after work



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