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“A) Press from Split; 4×2 @ Technical Max

B) Paused Jerk; 2×2@60%, 2@70%, 1@75%, 1@80%, 3×1@83-85%
C) Jerk; 4×2@75%”

A) up to 120
B) 135 155 165 175 then 180 last ones
C) 165
Chose to go off of 220 max. Not sure what it really is right now.



“A) 4 sets of 5 – KDHSPU’s on parallettes. Follow each rep with a 3sec negative before IMMEDIATELY kipping out of the bottom. Rest 60-90sec

B) 10 sets of 2 – Strict MU’s unbroken. Perform these according to Regiona “”Nate”” rep standards. Rest 60sec

C) 4 X HSW – 20ft HSW + 1/2 pirouette + 20ft HSW. Rest 30sec

D) 6 sets of 5 – Pull up jumps. Perform these on a double bar (Rogue rig?). Pull up fast enough to jump hands to above bar, drop back down to low bar without coming off the rig, and repeat for 4 more reps. Rest 45-60sec

E) 5 sets of 20 – Weighted (10lb plate) hollow rocks. Hold plate OH. Superset with sets of 15 arch rocks.

A) not real hard, these are my jam
B) little harder towards the end but not much
C) can’t see this well in the video it got cut off but I played with other directions
D) not sure which bars you wanted this on (so I alternated) or if this is even right
E) glad I’m doing these



“A) Air Bike; 20:00 Cal ME
15:00 Rest
B) 4 sets of;
Min 1; 8 Cal Air Bike
Min 2; 8 Row
Min 3; 10 Burpees Over Rower
Min 4; Slow Spin on Bike

A) I am hungover (birthday dinner) and my hips are still sore from lunges. Anyways I did this at like 70%. 180cals. Got 204cals a week and a half ago when I was really going for it.
B) good

Yeah so I was just tired today and my hip flexors and abductors are hella sore from lunges!!

Accesory work

“A) Straight Arm Lat Pull Down in Hollow; 3-4×12-15
*slow eccentric

B) Lateral Step Up/Down; 3-4×8/side
*Hold KB on Opposite shoulder








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