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Woke up sick today 🙁 still convinced myself to come do some work but skipped my conditioning

“A) Speed Ladder: Zig-Zag (Alternate Leg) + Lateral Parallette Hops + 25m Sprint; 7 Total, rest 1:00

B) T-Drill; 7 Total, rest 1:00-2:00

C) Seated Box Jump; 20 Total Reps, increasing height where able, rest as needed”


“High Hang Snatch + Above Knee Snatch; 4×2+1@83-85%

(2 Above Knee Snatch); EMOMx5:00 @ 80%
Rest 8:00
(1 Above Knee Snatch); EMOMx3:00 @ 85%”

Up to 135 on the triple hang Snatch

Up to 145 on the singles just cause. Felt ok.


“A) 10 sets of 2 – SDHSPU’s on 45lb plates. Perform 3sec negative before each rep and finish each set with a 4sec.

B) 4 sets of 5 – Weighted (10-15lb vest) MU’s. Perform kipping dip out of each MU. I would like to see a video of how you do these.

C) 4 x T2B complex – 5 x (1 strict T2B + 1 windshield wiper to both sides)

D) 10 – Pike press to HS + 10sec hold. Max 15 attempts

E) Accumulate 90sec at top of peg board pull up or close-grip mix-grip pull up. Try different hand positions for peg board or alternate if using a bar.”

MU with a 13# vest went way better than I thought!

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