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This is beginning to have another meaning to me

A1) BB Reverse Lunge: xME/side, rest 0:00
*Use same weight from last week and go for Max reps with good form
A2) Stride Jump Crossover; x8, rest 1:30-2:00
x3 sets A1-A2

B) Banded Ham String Curl; 50 reps SLOW

C) Banded Good Morning; 75 reps”

On lunges went 18@115 and realized it was the wrong weight. Went up to 125 and did 16 then 14. Felt strong today!

Aerobic Recocery

“3x @Conversational Pace
1 Mile Air Bike
0:20 Hollow Hold + 12 Hollow Rock
0:20 Arch Hold + 12 Arch Rocks
1K Row
1:00 Wall Sit

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