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My last 3 days have consisted of outpatient surgery, watching movies, eating pizza (just 1/2 of one ok!), crutching thru the LAX and ATL airports (my workout), recovering from a red eye flight, and starting to walk again.

My Dr. was amazing and said things went really cleanly. If anyone needs a foot & ankle guy in SoCal Dr. Ris is your man. I asked if after he got in there it “needed” to be done and he looked at me surprised and said “um no question”, so I’m glad. He’s a meticulous guy and I trust him. He said once the swelling is down I can pretty much do whatever I want in terms of loading it again since nothing was really repaired. Just a tightening of the ATFLigament and debridement of a big bone spur and other junk (technically speaking). This week will be an upper body extravaganza, some single leg rowing, and hopefully I’ll be full speed again by October.

Here’s a couple not so attractive pictures of my splint and my big fat ankle day 2 and day 3. Not bad for a day’s improvement! Must be the CrossFit!



Lastly, a big thank you to my dedicated boyfriend for flying out here and taking care of me. We’re both looking forward to being home for a while.


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