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A1) Hip Circlye, Front Squat: x2@70%
A2) Seated Box Jump; x3
x6 of A1-A2
*Rest :20 b/t movements
*rest 2:00 b/t sets

*Focus on being explosive

Front squats at 135 felt snappier.

B) Glute Bridge; 4×12 w/ pause”


“2×7:00 AMRAP + 3:00 Rest
1 Power Cleans + 3 Hang Power Clean (125)
15 Push-up
21 Cal Row

My push ups suck. Had to break every set 😰
Went 2+10cals and 2+13cals. Cleans felt heavy after round 1.


“A) Close Grip, Upright Row; 3-4×12

B) Bamboo Bar Press from Split + OH Split Squat; 3-4×5+5/side

C1) Single-Leg Hip Extension; x10/side
C2) Banded Pull Through; x10
x4-5 Sets C1-C2

D) Hip Stretch, External Rotation (Ex. Pigeon Pose); Total 3:00/side”

65# on the upright row and 85# total weight on the bamboo split presses. Those were fun.


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