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A) Speed Ladder (In-In-Out-Out) + 15m Sprint; 4-6 Total
*rest 0:30-1:00 in between each

B) Shuttle Sprint; 4-6x40m (10m out + 10m back + 10m out + 10m back)
*rest 0:30-1:00 in between each

C) Depth Drop; 15-20 Total Reps
*rest as needed in between each
*Do not perform more then 5 in quick succession


“High Hang + Low Hang Power Snatch:
2×1+2@60% 2×1+2@65% 2×1+2@70% 3×1+2@75%

Clean Pull + Low Hang Power Clean:
2×2@70% 1×2@75% 3×1@80%

Snatching up to 120 felt better than last week.

Cleans up to 165 felt heavy. Hamstring still hurts from the ground.


“A) 4x HS complex – 5 free-standing KHSPU’s + 10ft HSW to wall + 5 KHSPU’s

B) 3x Ring complex – 3 strict MU’s + 4 kipping MU’s + 5 strict dips

C) 7 Legless rope climbs. Start seated and perform the 1st half of the ascent in L-sit position

D) Accumulate 1min in one-arm wall-facing HS on each arm

This MU complex got hard! By the end I went to my front leg technique on the dip and failed the last one. It was all Tricep burn out. The rest wasn’t so bad.


“A) Run;
2 sets,
3x200m Sprint + 3:30 Rest
Resting 7:00 between each set of 3x200m
Rest 14:00 (between last 200m repeat and B)
B) 3 RFT:
6 Bar Muscle Ups
12 Lateral Box Jump Over
18 Burpees to target

I can’t totally sprint yet so I did the 200s at tempo. Meaning with a turn around they were 0:47-0:49.

Metcon I tried to pace. First round about 2:20+. Stepped off the box laterally. I’m not about that bounding life unless it’s the Games. All MU UB but rested at the top on the last rounds.


“A) Chinese Plank; 4-5×0:30-1:00

B1) Inclined Dumbell Press; x12
B2) Banded Tricep Extension; x20
x3-4 Sets B1-B2

C) Prone Scorpion Stretch (Chest Stretch); Total 3:00/side

Dumbbell presses were easy at 35# until the superset with triceps and then they weren’t easy at all. Hugh rep pressing for me isn’t as strong. Moderate to heavy bench I’m good tho. Idk why.

Chinese planks for 1:00 with 25#

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