9.21.15 – Hiking the Kalalau Trail

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Today we hiked a very special trail, called Kalalau. It goes along the northern coast of Kauai. You can hike 11 miles to a beach and stay the night, or visit one of the waterfalls along a side trail. We went to the largest waterfall today, Hanakapi’ai Falls, for about a 10mile round trip. At the falls we took a refreshing dip. It was a muddy and amazing hike!

I didn’t even realize which trail we were going to until they said it was beside the ocean. The reason it was special to me to get to hike it is a personal one. Most of my blog is just training, but there’s some personal stuff and what the heck it’s mine so this is why.

When I was married before things were going so well at our one year anniversary (sarcasm) that he decided to go to Hawaii to decompress… Without me! It’s a wonder it didn’t work huh? He also hiked a long trail by the ocean. I really wanted to do both of those things, and decided that one day I would. Well today was the day obviously. I didn’t even have to plan it, it just came to me (thanks to Michelle Kinney deciding we were going). Moral of my story, life continues to be good and confirm for me that despite some harder times, they lead me where I’m supposed to be now. Just trust 🙂

And now for more pretty pictures!

image image image image image image image image image

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