Box Battles 2014 A Friendly Local Beach Competition

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Last weekend I had the pleasure of competing at a smaller local team competition on the beach. As you can see we were having fun and smiling through most of the events.

I knew when Jimmy asked me to be on the team it would be for fun and I’m glad I did, because fun we had. My teammates are not particularly competitive CrossFitters past participation in the Open and local team events, but they all are dedicated members at Real Fitness, Naples. Jason on the far right is actually a Masters competitor and Elvia does quite well in local triathlons. The competition wasn’t as serious for us as some teams, but at 3.2.1.GO we still went all out on each event.


The entire event was held at the Marco Island Marriot Beach Resort. I’m not sure they could have picked a better venue. In between workouts we would hit the pool and I just felt like the whole weekend was one big vacation. Not kidding it was this pretty.


Because of the sandy venue we didn’t have your typical CrossFit events and no pull-up rig or gymnastics. It was more like a team strong man competition with some swimming, paddle boarding and burpees mixed in. Our main friends for the weekends were logs, stones, sand bags, sleds, and buckets full of water (actually the largest bucket was quite unfriendly!) as you can see.

This event wore my buddie Jimmy out! This is also something I don’t typically do at competitions to the other competitors, lol.

Also in between events there was time to visit with friends, hang out, and drink some Kill Cliff.


All of our judging volunteers were great all weekend even out in the heat event after event. One being my friend and roommate for the weekend Kaiea.

Here’s another friend Dan judging my stone to shoulder and taking note as I palm the ball back down to the ground to make it go faster. They were a whopping 35#!

Later in that event Jason and I had to front squat log 50 times. Now that was not as easy!


I think we can agree out shinning moment was the crab walk though. Not to toot my own horn but I may have been the fastest crab walker in Southwest Florida. It’s a hidden talent few know about…


After the competition I was able to get in a 1/2 hour ocean swim with Jeff Evans, who came down to watch people from his gym compete. The swim felt really good for not having swam that far since the Games.

Before I end with some more friend photos I’d like to congratulate the winners from the weekend and thank Fit Nation for hosting the event. It was a great time for everyone from the everyday CrossFit goer to Games competitor like myself. I also found it a great way for me to have a little fun during the off season and break the monotony of training so hard alone most days.

Without further ado more fun photos.


Turtles, dolphins, and eagles? Merica F yeah!




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