Brief summary of surgery, more to come later…

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I’m going to have some explaining to do after this photo, but let me summarize very briefly by saying the surgery I had a year ago did not fix my ankle issue. Apparently there was still a 1.5cm bone fragment floating around in my medial ankle impinging when I squat. The surgeon told me yesterday “there was a lot going on in there”, basically he took the fragment out along with fixing some of the damage it had been doing. Having a boney fragment in there was also most likely what caused my right quad to finally strain on me because of my shifting away from the left ankle pain. Crazy how the body works! Figuring out that to fix the quad issue for good I needed to readdress the ankle was a bit of an ahha moment, but also pretty frustrating. I’m now excited to see what having full dorsiflexion in my ankle will do for my squat strength, be able to run and jump without pain again, and excited to have a whole year to progress my strength and come back Talayna 2.0!

I also have nurse Harvey looking after me!


6 Responses to “Brief summary of surgery, more to come later…”

  • Marie

    So does this mean you’re in recovery mode during this year’s Open/Games season? Have been excited to see you compete – but more glad you are on the road to pain-free fun!

    • Talayna Fortunato

      Yes, unfortunately I will be sitting the 2015 season out. I’m excited to be on the road to recovery and pain free competing again too!!!

  • Corey

    Oh, man! Glad you’ll be bionic once this is rehabbed, but I’ll miss seeing you compete in 15.everything. Fast recovery!!

  • Jennifer Raccio

    Talayna–I’m going to be in Naples for 3 weeks this summer. Would love to meet you and do a drop in. Do you coach any classes? 🙂

    • Talayna Fortunato

      It depends on when you are in. I don’t actually coach at my gym, I just work out, but if you let me know what weeks you’re in I can tell you what times I’ll be there.


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