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The Open is Closed!

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I know sometimes I’m too hard on myself, but this is how I feel after the Open. Every year the Open proves to be a humbling and frustrating experience for me. Partly because I’m seldom satisfied with my performances and partly because as this sport grows it becomes more seasonal, making the Open far from … Continued

3.19.13 – 13.3 Here we go!

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I doubt anyone who checks this blog doesn’t know about this match-up tomorrow live streaming on Games.CrossFit.com at 8PM EST, but if you didn’t, now you do. Let me just say I am nervous! More nervous than for the Games I think and not because of the WoD. I’m pretty sure it’s the cameras focused … Continued

Game Open Time!

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Here’s a picture during training for last year’s Games. One of the many times I was laid out after a workout. I didn’t know then how I’d do, only that I was grateful I was going to get my shot after a rough preseason. Getting my shot was what I continued to ask for while … Continued

Wodapalooza 2013

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Last weekend was the second annual Wodapalooza competition at Bayfront Park in Miami hosted by Peak 360 and its owners Guido and Virginia Trinidad. If you weren’t able to attend I’m sorry because it is a very special event. They had 3 stations running WODs simultaneously all weekend long and possibly the coolest venue of … Continued


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SicFit interview prior to the OC Throwdown tomorrow. Notice the striking WOD SuperStore.com shirt I’m wearing. Mark (the owner) just gave it to me and I’m super happy it’s long sleeved because they’re having a major cold front here! It’s supposed to be 36deg tomorrow morning for our 7K run, which is slightly colder than … Continued

Moving Forward

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I have an announcement regarding new developments in my CrossFit career to make, but before I do I’d like to give a short synopsis of its brief history thus far. I started CrossFit in Nov. 2009 at Real Fitness Naples after a friend recommended I try the new gym in town. Before that it had … Continued

And the New Sponsor is… WODSuperStore.com !

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Thank you everyone who participated in guessing my new sponsor.  No it is not Oakley, and why did so many people guess that? I don’t even know if I’ve ever owned a pair of Oakley’s in my life! So many people guessing that sort of baffled me.  So did the KSwiss guesses, but I digress… … Continued

Coming Home

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Ok so I don’t look this bad, but this picture made me laugh and I’m super excited to go home! As I fly home I have a new found respect for the men and women who serve our country and have to be away from their loved ones and the familiarity of home for extended … Continued

Good things in 3’s

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They say good things come in 3’s. The last week has brought 3 good things into my life. 1.) My home gym, Real Fitness Naples, started following the Outlaw CrossFit’s site. This is Rudy’s gym’s site in Alexandria, VA. Most of their workouts are similar, if not the same as The Outlaw Way’s site, except … Continued

Getting After “it” in the Off Season

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Last week I hit my 3rd year as a CrossFitter competitive exerciser. I never expected to work this hard at exercising this sport or to enjoy doing so, so much. The body’s ability to continue increasing in efficiency and strength is quite amazing to me, but the better I get the harder I have to … Continued

9.17-18.12 @ Nike Headquarters

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Monday After 7 hours of sleep in 2 days I’m so happy it’s a Rest Day and… Today we got to do something that brought a tear to Rudy’s eyes and was something that I would have never in my wildest dreams thought I would do as an athlete. We visited Nike headquarters as special … Continued

SoRockShop.com Labor Day Sale!

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www.SoRockShop.com Use Code:  Talayna23 for free shipping this Labor Day weekend! I’m pleased to announce the addition of some sexy new swag to my friend Mel’s apparel store, the So Rock Shop.  All of her tank tops are comfortable, creative, and guaranteed to get compliments.  She also runs a screen printing business and can do … Continued

Summer Crush Games II

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This past weekend I got a text from my friend Lauren Brooks on Friday morning asking me if I could compete with her and Sarabeth Phillips in Summer Crush because the 3rd girl on their team couldn’t make it. As fate would have it I could join them in creating “Dream Team Outlaw” and we … Continued

post Games – back to work and a new gym!

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I’ve been back home for a week now and a number of people have asked me the same question, to which I respond to with, “No I didn’t quit my job. I won 1/100th of what I’d need to retire!” Besides I sorta like my job. It keeps me down to earth to explain to … Continued

Games Thank You’s

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This is the quote Spencer Arnold gave me Sunday morning: It was the exact thing going through my head after Fran in this picture: I can’t describe the feeling any better than the quote does so I won’t even try. I will write more later but for now I just wanted to say a few … Continued

Games Prep and my new favorite word… TAPER!

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One week from tomorrow the competition I’ve been prepping for, for the past year (and arguably my life), will be here. I’m going to talk about some of the highlights of that preparation since the South East Regionals, over 2 months ago. At the beginning Rudy told me, “you’re going to hate me by the … Continued

Outlaw Training Camp for the CrossFit Games 2012

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I’m not going to elaborate on every WOD from this weekend, but I will summarize some of our work. The purpose was not to overload us or get in tons of “volume”. It was to get in our usual Games training volume while working on skills that we have not seen much, if at all … Continued

Bleed Less in Battle

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” The More We Sweat in Training The Less We Bleed in Battle” (I hope the above Chinese writing actually says this since we have some Outlaw followers who will probably laugh at me if it doesn’t!) I’ve had the urge to blog for a few days now, but couldn’t think of anything profound to say, … Continued