CrossFit Football Seminar

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This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending a CrossFit Football Seminar with my good friends Lauren Brooks and Elizabeth Bland. I couldn’t participate in all of the practical work because of my ankle, but it was definitely eye opening for me how training for other sports is different than training for CrossFit.

The biggest things I took away from the weekend:

– Using movement assessments that can be applied to a large group at once vs. one on one. Show you specific limitations in an athlete’s movement as well as serve as an exercise you can use to correct them.

– Drills upon drills upon drills to use with athletes for speed and power development.

– The importance of posterior chain development and how a squat and power clean catch in the power sport athlete’s world looks different than that in the CrossFit world.

– Specific technique on the deadlift, squat, pull-up, floor press, and power clean for the power athlete.

– How to program for a beginner vs. a collegiate athlete who has already passed the novice window of adaptation.

– Nuances of programming for athletes like putting in 3:1 pulling vs. pushing into their accessory work, making sure each workout has violent hip extension and works the full body, and including lots of lateral movement work.

There was definitely more, but these are what stood out the most to me. I can definitely say it was one of my favorite (if not favorite) CrossFit certs yet.

These were our dedicated and incredibly knowledgeable instructors for the weekend: Tex McQuilkin and Bobby Goodfellow.


And it was just plain fun with my friends!

Here’s a little insight to our road trip up.


Harvey won the award for cutest attendee, and had a montage made of his sleeping.



Lastly, the burger I ate Saturday night. I can’t remember the last time I got a burger on a bun and not a salad with some sweet potato fries.  It was pretty amazing!


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