CrossFit Invitational in Berlin

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Instead of doing an entire write up of the CrossFit Invitational in Berlin, I’d rather make a list of the things I learned while in Germany (not all of which have anything to do with Germany).

1. The perceived weight of your body and anything else you might try to lift is inversely proportionate to the amount of time you have to rest after an all out Jackie. If you PR Jackie, add 5% to that weight for every second you PR by! Seriously though, I was at least 5 seconds faster on Jackie than at Regionals and we had less than 10min. rest before going into a heavy team workout. I blame staring down Sam Briggs on the thrusters for that PR. I was so light headed during the max clean event I kept having to bend down afterwards to raise my blood pressure. Some people thought I might have hurt my back, but no I just didn’t want to pass out on live TV! I think I finally started to recover by the final event, but that may have been the greatest amount of intense work I’ve ever fit into 75min.


2. It’s hard to eat a diet low in refined carbs and high in healthy fats in Germany. There are however an abundance of french fries, wienershnitzels and cigarettes. I’m happy to be home and eating my normal breakfasts and Fresh Fit Foods again!

3. No matter what country you’re in, in the world, once people catch the CrossFit bug they’re hooked. And by hooked I mean they’re part of a community that talks, eats, thinks, works out, and arranges their life to be able to do these things differently. In my opinion better of course!


4. The “Worm” is a creation from Satan. A satanic creation of team cooperation. Just ask Lindsey, the dang thing hit her in the face. Something that would hit a woman in the face has to be evil. At least we only used it for one event and not half of our entire competition like the teams at the Games.


5. Germans are great engineers. Maybe I’m weird for noticing but everywhere I went everything always worked and I just thought the doors, lights, and even coffee machines were creative.

6. Taxi cabs (most of which were Mercedes) in Germany are nicer than most of the cars people drive.

7. It’s hard to picture the Berlin wall dividing the city and most of what’s left of it doesn’t seem nearly as tall or thick as I would’ve thought. It used to run right where these cars are driving now.


8. Competing on a team is not always easier than competing as an individual. You don’t have to do all of the work yourself, but at times you do have to be mentally prepared to do more than your share despite what may have been the game plan going in. I definitely think I want to compete more in team when I’m done competing as an individual.


9. Every athlete has their own approach to diet and training that works for them. Of course there is some overlap, but even with the top level athletes on our team there was no one size fits all.

10. My favorite part of the weekend was just getting to work out and bs with some amazing athletes and people. It definitely felt like the clock stopped and I was just in the moment enjoying what we were doing for most of the trip. Minus the 10 hour flight! Which leads me to the last thing I learned…


11. The amount of soreness you have after PR’ing Jackie is directly proportionate to the length of your flight home the next day. If I had been flying from Japan I might have never walked again! Just kidding, but man were my legs more sore when I got home.


Lastly I’d like to thank WoD Super Store for their continued support and my new coach CJ Martin of Invictus for his great programming to get me ready in just 8 weeks after having ankle surgery. Excited for what’s to come this year!

4 Responses to “CrossFit Invitational in Berlin”

  • Ivan Leos

    It was well worth the 14 hour flight from San Diego to Berlin to see you, Val, and Cami compete. You all did awesome! Sea of Green always there to cheer the Invicti Athletes!

  • brandon

    Talayna, Awsum job to all of you!
    and thanks for Reppin the USA!


  • Peter Frank Zablewski

    He Talayna,
    Germany, esp. Berlin is more than cigarettes, Wiener Schnitzel (thats Austrian !! not German) and french fries. We have the best Vegi Restaurants in Germany (and Brandnew…2 Paleo Restaurants in the City). When you are next time in Berlin, give me a mail, i´ll give you the Adresses…

    Greatings from Berlin


  • Dr. Eric

    Great write up!


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