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took the last few days off touring around Yellowstone and Jackson hole with mom. Today I did a minimal hotel workout but the elevation got me like whoa!

simple but effective:

10 rounds

2min. elliptical

10 burpees

more pics!

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Last day out west with mom 🙂

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“A) Speed Ladder (In-In-Out-Out) + 3 Parallette Hops + 5m Sprint; 4-6 Total
*rest 0:30-1:00 in between each

B) Suicide Sprint; 4-6x30m (10m out + 10m back + 5m out + 5m back)
*rest 0:30-1:00 in between each

C) Depth Jump; 15-20 Total Reps
*Pause in landing position 0:01 before jumping
*rest as needed in between each
*Do not perform more then 5 in quick succession


“High Hang Power Snatch:
2×3@60% 3×3@65%

Power Snatch + OHS:
2×2+2@70% 2×2+2@75%, work up to a heavy Set (2+2) of this Complex

45 and 50kg for triple hang powers

Up to 58kg for the complex

“Push Press:
*Percentage based off 1RM established Week 1

Strict Press out of Jerk Split:

Push press at about 136. Pretty easy now but I’m not breaking any into extension. Split press at 100#.


15 Pull-ups
100ft Front Rack Walking Lunge @ 95
20 Burpee Box Jump Over (20)
Rest 5:00
Calorie Air Bike (had to row)
Rest 5:00
100ft. Offset carry (1 arm OH 35#, 1 arm suitcase 55#)

Part A I was absolutely dying! Used 40kg for lunges and they were in 4 sets per round! My HR and breathing just would not stay down up here. I would feel like I’m completely out of shape if this didn’t happen every time I’m here. Anyways pull-Ups were like a distraction. Burpees were slow too. Whole thing was just under 28min.

Part B I had no bike so I rowed and did hspu strict cause it didn’t specify. I thought they’d go better. Oh well. Whole thing was 7min. Rower said 3:13 when I was done.


A) SA/SL Plank; 4-5×0:10-0:20/side

B1) SA DB Floor Press; x12/side B2) OH Tricep Extension; x12 x3-4 Sets B1-B2

35# floor press was easy til super setting it w/the 12# tricep presses!