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More pics!

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A1) Hip Circle, Front Squat: x5@70%
A2) Bounding Broad Jump; x3
*Rest :20 b/t movements
*rest 2:00 b/t sets

B) Weighted Glute Bridge; 4×10 @ 3210

Used 140ish for the squats. Felt good. I’m not bouncing at all, stopping just below parallel.

Getting more glute activation on the right again.

“A) SA DB Upright Row; 3-4×12/side

B) Bamboo Bar Sotts Press + OH Squat; 3-4×5+5

C1) 5 Muscle Ups
C2) Banded Good Morning; x15
x6 Sets C1-C2

45# on the upright row. Did tots of 55 reps cause it was the way active life wrote it.



3×5:00 AMRAP + 2:00 Rest
500m Row
30 Alternating DB Snatch @ 30lbs
ME Double Unders w/ remaining time

Used a 35# KB for hang snatches instead. Did 8/7 per arm.
DUs were in 2-3 sets cause I couldn’t breath in this elevation! And I just suck at them.
Got 66 67 77


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Last night I did a little seminar at CrossFit XD and then today joined in their in house comp. Here were the events:

1. 3 attempts (1 every 2min.) to find 1rm

1 Snatch + 1 Hang Snatch

2. 12min. AMRAP

50cal row

40 S2O 135/95

30 TTB

20 Burpee box jump or step over

10 power cleans 185/135

3. 3 Rounds


10 Front Squats 185/125

50ft. HS Walk

it was a fun day. I could definitely feel the elevation but not too too bad. Felt good to go a little heavier on snatches again. I should’ve had 160 but was too timid.


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