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When you see your friend on the wall at another gym!

All the gymnastics today!


A) 20x Strict press outs from start at bottom of 45=25lb plate deficit. Do not perform any negatives. Start in headstand

B) 15x 4sec negative to 2sec hold just above bottom of same deficit

C) 4×6 Weighted (10lb vest) BMU’s

D) 4×5 L-sit pull ups. Alternate pronated and supinated grip with each set

E) 3×20 GHD abdominal twists. Superset with 3×10 GHD reverse hypers

Then since I was catching up I did two days of gymnastics programming:

A) 3x Bar complex – 5 T2B + 3 BMU’s + 5 T2B + 7 C2B

B) 5×6 KDHSPU’s on 2x45lb plates

C) 4×8 MU’s

cut this to 3 rounds. My triceps are just fried!

D) 4×6 Ring support swings


A) 400m Sled Push @1/2 BW
3:00 Rest
B) 4x100m Sled Push @MTR + 2:00 Rest/each
*start 1st 100m @same as A
*adding weight by feel w/100m repeat

So it was a rainy, ugly day in Utah so I measured how far this would be inside and ended up doing 60 laps of the gym on the rubber mats. Not awful but definitely a grind! My arse felt it. Used 155-185lbs.

Some lifts from earlier in the week:




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Pulling in the weekend like…


A) Speed Ladder (W-Weave, Alt Leg) + 5 Parallette Hops; 4-6 Total/side
*Parallette hops = 1 forward + 1 to left + 1 forward + 1 to right + 1 forward

B) LEFT Drill; 8-10 Total
*Cones set 10m-15m apart
*Rest 0:30-1:00 between each


“A) Clean + Jerk; 4×2+3@80%

B) (2 TnG Snatch); EMOMx7:00 @77-80%
Rest 5:00
C) (2 Snatch Singles); EMOMx5:00 @85%”

Clean and Jerk up to 160 or 165 I forget, but felt good today.

Snatched for doubles I went snatch + hang snatch at 135 all. Then for the 2 singles ended at 145. No misses today.

“Back Squat:
*Focus on Controlling the Eccentric and Accelerating up as fast as possible
*Rest 1:00-1:30

145 – feeling better


40:00 as

150 Wall Balls (14)
(starting at the 10:00 mark)
30:00 AMRAP
1/2 Mile Air Bike
100ft KB Uneven Waiters/Suitcase Carry (26+53)
100m Sled Drag (75)
12 GHD Sit-up

Did the wall balls in sets OTM so I could finish at 9min. And change my shoes for the second part.

Only went half way to parallel on the GHD sit-ups with arms overhead. Used 35# for the OH KB. I’ve actually been doing 4x100ft. per arm of these once a week for the pat 3 weeks. They’re getting easier and helping a lot I feel!


Accessory stuff

A) EMOM 5:00, Weighted Low Plank 0:30

B) Single-Arm, Overhead Tricep Extension; 4-5×10/side


C) Single-Arm Ring Row; 3-4×8/side

these are not easy!

D) Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift; 3-4×8/side
*hold KB or DB in one hand

15# on the right, zero on the left


E) Paused, Straight Arm Lat Pull Down in Hollow Hold; 4×12