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Best best ever! HyperWear!

Speed Ladder (Alternate-Feet);
A1) In-In-Out-Out; x2, rest 0:15
A2) Ali Shuffle; x1/direction, rest 0:45
x2-4 sets A1-A2
*Priority is accuracy. Only move as fast as you can keep your feet moving in the proper pattern

B) Pogo Jump, MR; 2×8, ret 0:30

C) Box Jump + Depth Jump onto Box; 4×3, rest 1:00
*If the equipment is available, set 4 boxes up in line.
*Vary the heights of the boxes


“Snatch + OHS; 4×2+2@80%

Power Clean from Blocks:
2×2@70% 2×2@75% 3×2@80%”

Snatch complex up to 135 I think. And the cleans up to 175.

Vid of this week’s stuff

“Back Squat;
2×3@60% 2×3@70% 2×3@80%”

Went 135 155 175. Felt good. Stronger than a week ago.


A) 3 x Bar complex – 1 pull over + 2 BMU’s + 5 C2B + 3 BMU’s

D) Accumulate 60sec in ring L-support

“A) 5-7-7-5 – Weighted strict pull ups

D) 3 sets of 5 – Tempo dips; 3sec down + 2sec at bottom + kipping dip out

E) Reverse Tabata – Planche hold on low rings. Rings out, elbows locked, body hollow, shoudlers in front of hands. 6 rounds”


“A) Dragon Flags; 3×7

B1) Banded, Pull Aparts; x10-12
B2) Banded, Straight Arm Lat Pull Down; x10-12
x3 sets B1-B2, rest 1:00
*Slow eccentric movement



“A) SA DB Press + SA OH Squat; 3-4x 8+5/side, rest 1:00

45#. My right arm is stronger! I would do 5-6 of them strict pressing then push press them.

B) Paused, SL Hip Extension; 3-4×6/side, rest 1:00


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“*Use Plyo’s/Agility as a warm up for Weightlifting Segment

A) Rocket Jump, SR; 3×3, rest 0:30

B) Depth Jump; 10 total reps
*rest as needed


“Muscle Snatch:
2×2@60% 1×2@65% 5×1@70%

Power Snatch + OHS:
2×2+2@70% 2×2+2@75% 4×1+1@80%

Snatch Balance:
2×3@75% 2×2@80% 2×2@85%”

Muscle snatch up to 115

Power snatch up to 130

Drop snatches up to 145

Here’s some lifts from lately


“Mixed (Testing)
For Time:
60 Calorie Air Bike
50 KBS (53)
30 Bar Facing Burpees
20 Thrusters (80)
400m Run

I was not ready for this. Haha. Aerobically speaking. And not to make another excuse but getting over my cold I was afraid of hitting a wall so I tried to pace.

Bike 5:22
Swings 3:13 (13/12/9/8/8)
Burpees 2:29
Thrusters 2:24 (7/7/6)
Run 2:28 😛 slow
15:57 – least we have room to improve! HA


“A) 5-7-7-5 – Weighted strict pull ups

B) 5 sets of 4 – Top 1/2 bro rep HSPU’s on parallettes. Remember these are to make you better at finishing DHSPU’s on parallettes.

C) 3 sets of 5 – Weighted (15lb vest) BMU’s

D) 3 sets of 5 – Tempo dips; 3sec down + 2sec at bottom + kipping dip out

E) 5 x HSW – 20ft HSW + 3/2 pirouette + 20ft backwards”

Got everything done but the weighted pull ups. Love my new vest! 😍 wore it for everything today

This is some stuff from the other day too


“A) Low Plank + High Plank + Mt. Climbers; 3-4x 0:20+0:20+30, rest 1:00

B) Weighted Side Bends; 50 total reps per side
*break into sets as needed with minimal rest

C) Transverse Step Up/Down; 3-4x 8/side, rest 1:00

55# side bends. Holding it in my left is like 5x harder.

55# step ups