Reebok CrossFit
I began working with Reebok in 2013 and I couldn’t be happier with how it has gone. Their clothing line and footwear continue to improve in their catering towards the CrossFit community. They are very conscious of getting their athlete’s opinions on all of their products and making them better. I’ve enjoyed the support they provide not only in apparel, but in helping me make my 3rd consecutive trip to the Games as well. I’m looking forward to seeing the new lines of clothing and footwear they have in store for athletes in years to come and am confident they will continue to offer the best apparel available for CrossFitters.



Kill Cliff
First time I drank Kill Cliff was in 2011. I was helping friends train for the Games, but hadn’t made it myself yet and it was so refreshing after long training sessions. I found it very satisfying at other times too if I craved carbonation and wanted something better than a soda. I also can’t say it doesn’t go phenomenal with alcohol, so I won’t say that. Seriously though if you’re looking for a healthy recovery drink that feels like a treat grab a Kill Cliff.



RSP Nutrition
I began taking RSP’s pre-workout (Fast Fuel) in 2013. It is the first pre-workout I’ve taken without feeling too amped up or shaky. It tastes great and you pretty much can’t find the combination of supplements they have in there without combining other products together. A cousin of the owner of the company also coached at my gym and put us in contact. RSP was looking for someone to represent them in the CrossFit arena and since I was already liking their product I decided to try a couple others like their aminos (ReGen) and glutamine. I’ve been taking all of them since and enjoying representing the brand and their products. They have had great success in the fitness industry, being named Body Building.com’s breakout brand of the year.

Crossover Symmetry

CrossOver Symmetry

I love using the CrossOver Symmetry system. I have found that it is a good way to strengthen the lower traps and entire shoulder girdle, and I usually use it to warm-up for workouts. As CrossFitters we desperately need to focus on strengthening these specific areas to prevent injury and increase our scapular stability, which translates into greater UE strength.

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